Technical Training: Magellan

"Getting started with your Magellan unit has never been easier!"

Learn all the features & functions & HOW TO USE & MAXIMIZE your Magellan unit

DVD training makes it easy! Interactive menus allow quick and easy chapter review and allow you to go to a specific location time and time again. These step-by-step, instructional training DVDs walk you through the key features and functions of the Magellan unit from the basics to advanced operation. Learn everything you need to know to begin using your automotive portable receiver from choosing your destination, calculating routes, to reviewing points of interest and looking up addresses.

Through hands on demonstrations and on the road screen examples you'll learn how to use your Magellan unit the fast and easy way.  Discover the most important features, learn how to use the map, look up points of interest, operate the navigator to automatically form a route, and guide you to any destination you desire to travel.

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