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The Racing Sailor - Winning Tactics For Small Sailboat Racing

"Highly Recommended." - Video Librarian.
Learn how sailboats work, how race courses are laid out, how to sail faster and win from our motion-realistic animations!

Featuring a combination of live-action footage and computer animation, this comprehensive production demonstrates winning tactics for small sailboat racing. The Racing Sailor illustrates how sailboats work, looks at racecourse layouts, and offers sailing techniques and strategies (both upwind and downwind) designed to help sailors increase speed, turn more quickly, and finish strongly. You'll discover everything you need to take your boat from the dock to the winner's podium, including strategy, tactics, and boat handling. Learn all the tips & techniques to increase boat speed, point higher and turn more quickly. Also features a nautical dictionary and a tutorial on sailing knots.

• Race starts
• Upwind strategy and tactics
• Reach tactics
• Downwind strategy
• Finishing techniques
• Wind shift management
• Offensive techniques
• Mark rounding

73 min.

$ 34.95 R7089DVD

NEW! Sailboat Racing DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $89.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $69.85

Includes: The Art of Racing Sailing, Racing To Win, Winning with Lawrie Smith

• Featuring racing legend Gary Jobson
• Start, windward & downwind tactics with 3D animation
• Gary Jobson’s tactics – how they win
• Sail trim, tactics & race strategies
• Setting up your racing boat for top performance
• Rig tuning, weight & balance
• Crew positions & sail handling
• Spinnaker sets & douses
• How to attain the greatest speed in any direction

$69.85 SSRACE


Includes: The 2003 America’s Cup & The 97/98 Whitbread Pushing The Limits.Featuring the 2003 Americas Cup and the 97/98 Whitbread – this a “behind-the-scenes” look at two of the world’s most spectacular ocean races with action packed footage, indepth interviews and fantastic coverage of two of the toughest, most demanding races in history. SAVE $10.00! Reg. $69.90. BUY both for $59.90.

$59.90 SYACHTR

Alinghi: The Inside Story - America's Cup 2003

This film takes you into the heart & soul of the Alinghi campaign during the America's Cup competition. This extraordinary film documents slices of everyday life of the team & their families, the tensions & dramas as well as the joys. The team share their emotions & deepest feelings under their grueling physical training program & the constant upkeep & development of the boat. 97 min.

$34.95 R7083DVD

Stormy Weather: The Amazing Race Around Britain

The 1998 Round Britain & Ireland Yacht Race caused havoc amongst the fleet of 41 starters. Of the 15 multihulls, only 7 finished, the rest were scattered around the British Isles: dismasted, hulls & rudders broken, rigging failures - due to the violent weather & gale force winds. Share their challenges, broken rigging, the Arctic cold, the fearsome breaking seas of the open North Atlantic & dangerous rocky lee shores.. 41 min.

$34.95 R7080DVD

Volvo Round the World Race: The SEB Stopover Reports.

Follow Team SEB and their 7 competitors around the world, leg by leg, stopover by stopover in the toughest sail race on Earth. Skill, courage & endurance are put to the test with action-packed onboard footage & spectacular recap's & analysis of each leg. This is as close as you get without getting wet! 210 min.


$34.95 R7081DVD

Whitbread 97/98: Pushing The Limits.

A "behind the scenes" look at the world's most spectacular ocean racers and crew, featuring the Whitbread 97/98 winning EF Language's Paul Cayard (Skipper) & Magnus Olsson (Crew). How do these extraordinary sailors conquer 9 hellish months of raging seas, whiplash gales & sub-arctic conditions? Get the inside story that has never been told. 50 min.

$34.95 R7082DVD

Whitbread 97/98: Fight To Victory

Featuring the winning team - EF Language. This brilliant program brings action packed footage, indepth interviews and fantastic coverage of the toughest, most demanding race in history. 120 min.

$34.95 R7084DVD

Back to Classics

Provides a unique opportunity to take a closer look at some of the most beautiful and certainly most cherished yachts of their time. From small day-boats to 60ft ketches, a legendary America's Cup challenger to a century old gentleman's cutter. 45 min.
  $ 34.95 A7442DVD

Return of the J's

Designed to compete for the America's Cup between 1930 and 1937, only ten J-Class yachts were ever built. Of these, only three have survived. Shamrock V, Velsheda & Endeavour. Each has been gloriously restored & racing together For the first time in home waters for 65 years. 55 min.
  $ 34.95 A7443DVD

Pacific High: The Ensenada Yacht Race

The World Famous Newport-Ensenada Yacht Race

Sail over an unpredictable 125-mile course as 4,000 competitors begin the world-famous Newport-Ensenada Yacht Race. The exciting aerial photography and the compelling on-board and on-land activities and interviews bring this exhilarating sporting event into your home. 83 min.
  $39.95 A741DVD

Transpac: A Century Across The Pacific

The 100 Year Drama Of The Transpacific Yacht Race

This historical documentary video of the Transpacific Yacht Race traces one of the world's most prestigious sailing events. It features the men, women and even children who challenged 2,225 nautical miles of the Pacific under sail. It's all there: a hundred years of drama, danger and adventure - the tree-size topmast of Goodwill at 161 feet snapped off and threatening to destroy the boat at any moment, Ted Sierks, miraculously rescued after being lost overboard for 29 hours and lots more. 120 min.
$39.95 A740DVD

Learn To Sail & Get That Extra Knot
With Peter Isler. This program teaches the basics of sailing and a thorough lesson on the theory & application of wind, coming about & jibing, sail draft, getting the exta knot, using the Traveller and much more.

  $29.95 R300DVD

BOC Challenge - Knockdown!
"When onboard video cameras were first introduced to around-the-world sailboat races, they promised the kind of on-the-spot documentation that Don McIntyre has assembled in this film." - Sailing Magazine

Don McIntyre suffered a "knockdown" during a 70-knot gale with 50 foot seas and snow while competing in the 1990-91 single-handed BOC Challenge. It's all here - surfing at 30 knots, being washed overboard, colliding with a whale, the 360 degree rollover, hurricanes, icebergs and snow. 105 min.

$29.95 R684

Against The Odds: Boc 1994/1995

"Against The Odds" tells the story of Alan Nebauer's courage as the first person in the history of the race to win two seamanship awards. One for rescuing a fellow sailor whose yacht was sinking and one for sailing around Cape Horn without a mast. 42 min.

$29.95 R680DVD

Merit - Whitbread 1989/1990

Pierre Fehlmann, winner of the fourth Whitbread in 1986, captains Merit in his fifth Whitbread. Although Merit is beaten by New Zealand's Steinlager this extraordinary film documents the Merit challenge and contains some of the best ocean racing footage we've ever seen. 61 min.

$24.95 R194DVD
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