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Dive Scapa Flow

On June 21, 1919 the entire German fleet of 74 ships dramatically scuttled itself at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands off Northern Scotland. Many of these war ships were salvaged but today seven of those vessels, three battleships and four light cruisers lie still and silent on the cold depths of Scapa Flow. Drawing thousands of divers each year, see one of the most popular dive sites in Britain. 33 min.
$24.95 D534WS

Lost Fleet Of The Rock Islands - Palau

On March 30, 1944 over 50 ships of the Japanese Imperial Navy were sunk off the Palau Islands in the famous "Desecrate One" air raid of World War II. The wrecks, recently discovered by divers Klaus Lindemann and Francois Toribiong, are explored and documented for the first time in this riveting program by videographer Tim Rock. 30 min.
$24.95 D614WS

Ghost Ships Of Truk Lagoon - Part 1

On February 17, 1944, the battle for Truk Lagoon began as the American Task Force launched strike after strike against the Japanese, resulting in a loss of over 41 Japanese ships. They now lie enveloped in a shroud of marine growth making Truk one of the diving wonders of the world. 40 min.
$29.95 D667WS

Ghost Ships Of Truk Lagoon - Part 2

Discover the coral and other forms of marine growth that have formed on the rusting hulls and shipwrecks of the Japanese Navy, creating some of the most beautiful artificial reefs in the world. 39 min.
$29.95 D668WS

The USS San Diego & The USS Algol

Recover artifacts from the "San Diego" a Navy cruiser sunk off Fire Island by a German mine during World War I. The "Algol," a WWII attack cargo vessel, was sunk in 1991 as an artificial reef off New Jersey. Join the team as they film the decent and dive to the ship as the air still purges from her. 42 min.
$24.95 D771WS

The Kenosha & The Pinta

One of the best lobster dives is the "Kenosha," an old great lakes steamer off Long Island, teeming with lobsters ready for the taking. Plus discover the freighter "Pinta" which sits perfectly intact with her cargo of teak lumber. 42 min.
$24.95 D773WS

The Lizzie D. & The R.G. Mohawk

Discover the "Lizzie D." a "prohibition rum runner" which still has most of her bootleg whiskey intact. Plus dig for china on the "R.C. Mohawk" off New Jersey, considered one of the best artifact wrecks still concealing many treasures. 42 min.
$24.95 D772WS

The Bronze Queen & Propeller Salvage

Search for artifacts on this 100 foot fishing boat and former WWII submarine chaser in only 35 feet of water. Then join Dan and the team while they recover a 1000 pound bronze propeller from the mouth of New York Harbor. 42 min.
$24.95 D774WS


Dive the only intact German U-Boat in North American waters.

Discovered twenty-five miles off the North Carolina Coast lies the totally intact remains of U352, sunk by the U.S. Let Sub-Mersion take you to explore this remarkable and historic relic of World War II. Complete with actual vintage footage of U-Boats being sunk during the war. 30 min.
$24.95 D535WS

Wrecks Of The Caribbean

Dive some of the Caribbean's better known dive wrecks, including the Lockheed Constellation that landed intact in 40 feet of water. 30 min.
$19.95 D126WS
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