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Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna
Sportfishing with Captain Greg Metcalf
The Ultimate Gamefish

Learn Tackle Selection, Rigging & Trolling & Much More!
Bluefin tuna are a fast-growing species that can exceed 10 ft in length and weigh over 1,000 pounds. The bluefin tuna, one of the largest species of bony fish in the world, is renowned for its size, speed and beauty in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Because of their great size and awesome power, fishing for giants can be dangerous.

Fishing for Bluefin Tuna takes you on a personal voyage with Captain Greg Metcalf, a Bluefin expert who has caught numerous giant tuna, including sixteen in one day, all of which were released. Learn all the tackle and bait rigging secrets used by the "High Hooks" to catch these magnificent fish.

From how-to and tackle choices, to on-the-water footage, this comprehensive program prepares you for battles with the giant Bluefin tuna. It's all here - the strategy of locating tuna, how to bait them, how to troll them and how to boat them after the battle!

Features exciting scenes of Bluefin tuna crashing baits in New England and off the North Carolina Coast. A great companion to Rigging Baits for Giant Bluefin Tuna.

• How to Locate & Land
• Bait & Tackle Selection
• Rigging & Trolling

45 min.
SRP: $19.95

Bluefin Tuna  


Rigging Baits for Bluefin Tuna
Sportfishing with Captain Greg Metcalf
The Ultimate Gamefish

Learn - How to Rig Fresh Baits, Live Baits & Spreader Bars
Bluefin tuna typically begin showing up in New England waters in the months of June and July.

Rigging Baits for Giant Bluefin Tuna features Captain Greg Metcalf and Captain Cal Robinson in a demonstration on the how-to's of rigging for Bluefin tuna. This program takes you from the rigging tools and equipment required from hook selection, hook connections, knots, crimping tips and much more.

Special footage shows how to put spreader bars and daisy chains in the trolling pattern and how they should look to fool tuna. The how-to footage is supplemented with dynamic action shots and actual on-the-water bait fishing methods.

Teaches how to get live baits, how to handle fresh baits for trolling and chunking, rigging and fishing artificial squids. You'll learn how to rig swimming mackerel, daisy chain mackerel, spreader bar mackerel and squid, chunk baits and life baits. Special attention is paid to crimping tips, hook choices and knots.

A great companion to Fishing for Giant Bluefin.

If you are serious about fishing for medium and giant bluefin tuna, this program is the ideal companion to learn the essential ways to rig baits of all types.

• Rigging & Trolling
• Live Baits & Chunk Baits
• Gear Selection
• Rod & Line
• Bait & Tackle
• Hooks & Knots

55 min.
SRP: $19.95

NEW! Tuna Tips DVD Set
SAVE $10.00!

Reg. $69.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $59.85

Includes: How to Catch Tuna, Battle of the Big Tuna, Tuna, Tuna, Tuna

• Tips & techniques for catching yellowfin & bluefin tuna
• Expert advice from captains & charter boats
• Migratory habits & tackle selection
• Tackle tips & landing techniques
• Electronics & everything needed to beat the yellowfin
• Stand-up fishing techniques


Battle Of The Big Tuna

Designed for both the East Coast "Chunkers" and West Coast "Long Rangers," this tape is a complete education in stand-up fishing. Venture to Cabo San Lucas for the newest methods and latest tackle tips. An absolute must for tuna aficionados! 60 min.
$19.95 F3647DVD

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna

Yellowfin tuna can be the hardest fish to find and land. This video covers migratory habits, tackle and landing techniques, electronics and more. 40 min.

$24.95 F917DVD

Pacific Legends Yellowfin Tuna Offshore

Everything you want to know about fishing Long Range on any ocean. Provides detailed instruction and information for beginners and experienced anglers.
55 min.

$19.95 F998DVD

DVD How To Catch Tuna

If you want to catch the big ones - this DVD is a must see! In this exciting and higly informative DVD, Dr. Jim demonstrates the techniques of catching both yellowfin and bluefin tuna. After you learn the the step-by-step methods, you'll take to the high seas and see the techniques in action. You'll fish aboard five charter boats and receive tips from six boat captains. Minutes: 48 mins
Price: $24.95 F3675DVD
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