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Guy Harvey Underwater Realm: Magical Encounters The Striped Marlin

What better destination than the Baja Coast of Mexico to search for the Striped Marlin. Each year the Striped Marlin congregate near Magdalena Bay, to gorge on the abundant schools of Pacific Sardines in an area around Thetis bank. As well as teasing up Striped Marlin for close encounters with divers, discover balls of sardines being corralled and attacked from schools of Marlin from below and Frigate birds from above. Learn how Marlin's synchronize their feeding and how they interact with other large oceanic predators, such as Sailfish, Dorado, Sea Lions and Whales. Minutes: 17 mins
$29.95 F3972DVD

Guy Harvey Underwater Realm: Sharks

Sharks have had a rough time at the hands of human overexploitation. They are in desperate need of conservation and protection. Join the trip to Coco's Island and Walker's Cay, Bahamas to augment footage on sharks. There are several species of sharks found around Walker's Cay. See subjects get close to the sharks by feeding the sharks in the famous Walker's Cay Shark Rodeo. In addition to the numerous Caribbean Reef sharks, encounter Black Tip sharks, Bull sharks, Lemon sharks and Nurse sharks. Minutes: 24 mins
$29.95 F3971DVD

Guy Harvey Underwater Realm: The Pacific Sailfish

This program documents the schooling and feeding behavior of the Pacific Sailfish. Along the way you will encounter other oceanic pelagic species such as Dolphin, Tuna, Dorado, Turtles, Manta Rays as well as baitfish under floating logs. Discover a sailfish that has been captured and then released with a pop up satellite tag. This is another step in an effort to further understand the movements and migrations of this elusive species Minutes: 17 mins
$29.95 F3970DVD

Guy Harvey Underwater Realm: The Stingray Chronicles

The Southern Stringray is widely distributed throughout the Caribbean Sea reef systems. Typically, they are solitary reef predators, but for several decades in Grand Cayman, the rays have been conditioned to interact with snorkellers and divers. Stingray City is the most visited dive site in the world today. Take a close look at the life history of the stingrays, their movements and migrations, their mating behavior and their predators. Minutes: 24 mins
$29.95 F3973DVD
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