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The Racing Sailor - Winning Tactics For Small Sailboat Racing

"Highly Recommended." - Video Librarian.
Learn how sailboats work, how race courses are laid out, how to sail faster and win from our motion-realistic animations!

Featuring a combination of live-action footage and computer animation, this comprehensive production demonstrates winning tactics for small sailboat racing. The Racing Sailor illustrates how sailboats work, looks at racecourse layouts, and offers sailing techniques and strategies (both upwind and downwind) designed to help sailors increase speed, turn more quickly, and finish strongly. You'll discover everything you need to take your boat from the dock to the winner's podium, including strategy, tactics, and boat handling. Learn all the tips & techniques to increase boat speed, point higher and turn more quickly. Also features a nautical dictionary and a tutorial on sailing knots.

• Race starts
• Upwind strategy and tactics
• Reach tactics
• Downwind strategy
• Finishing techniques
• Wind shift management
• Offensive techniques
• Mark rounding

73 min.
$ 34.95 R7089DVD
Learn To Sail Better & Get That Extra Knot DVD

With Peter Isler

This program teaches the basics of sailing and a thorough lesson on the theory & application of wind, coming about & jibing, sail draft, getting the extra knot, using the Traveller and much more. 50 min.
$ 34.95 R300DVD


“Great crew work wins races. This DVD is the best source I’ve seen on video for crewing. It is a must for racing sailors!” --- Gavin Brady, America’s Cup Helmsman. This program is the ultimate reference for racing crews. It provides a detailed look at the mechanics involved in each individual crew position on a modern race boat including: bow, mast, pit, headsail trimmer, tailer, tacks, jibes, douses & main trimmer. Hosted by racing coach Tucker Thompson, this instructive program provides a detailed look at each crew position and allows you to analyze each position and learn the entire crew’s responsibilities. Go on board and learn just how the pros do it!

$34.95 R7085DVD

The Art of Racing Sailing

Learn How To Go Faster and Win!

Win More Races! The Art of Racing Sailing is a comprehensive look at setting up the modern racing boat for top performance. Learn how to sail between two points and around the buoys in the shortest time, maximize your boat to attain the greatest speed in any given condition and get a better understanding of the race from before the boat is even launched. Also teaches prelaunch preparation, rig tuning, weight and balance, crew positions, sails and trim, sail handling including tacks, gybes, spinnaker sets and douses, maneuvers and electronics.

Phil Nicols began sailing in 1976. He worked for Hood sails as a sail maker, raced a great variety of boats from Lasers to big boats with the majority of his experience coming from boats in the 40-foot range. He has trained crews and been a part of many successful racing campaigns including part of team that set several distance race records that have not yet been topped. Phil is the author of "The Racer's Edge" column in a Southern Ontario Sailing publication. The Art of Racing Sailing is a synopsis of his years of experience condensed into an easy to follow format that will help your boat and crew's performance in many areas for years to come. This production is a must have for the serious racer to sailor that just wants to improve his boat's performance. Gather your crew and watch it together. 58 min.
$34.95 R276DVD

Racing To Win With Gary Jobson

Gary Jobson is a world class sailor and has been ESPN'S commentator for several America's Cup races. Live action and new three dimensional computer animated tactical illustrations show you how Jobson performs and thinks. In this video he shows you how his tactics win. Learn start, windward and downwind tactics with 3D animation. 60 min.
$34.95 R330DVD

Winning With Lawrie Smith

Learn techniques about sail trimming, sailing tactics, race strategies, from one of sailings most successful racing sailors. From the preliminary stages with the boat ashore, through the process of tuning afloat and finally into a race, this video shows high quality and close-up action. 60 min.

$24.95 R137DVD


Australian Ian Johnston broke the record for the 2200 mile race in 1986, in the revolutionary Crowther 40 foot trimaran Bullfrog. He was pursued by Jeff Hartz in the 44 foot trimaran Fat, and Kiwi Peter Hogg in the Newick 40 foot catamaran Tainui. Step on board these multihulls as they streak across the ocean at 17-20 knots. Dan Newland and Peter Clutterbuck took first and second in the monohulls. Watch these world class sailors as they struggle with setbacks and share their innermost thoughts on the long sleigh ride west. Learn what it's like directly from them. 60 min.

$19.95 R7071DVD

Atlantic Dismasting

Experience the thrills of offshore multihull racing over 2,500 Atlantic miles. Discover how one team broke the record, lost the mast, saved the boat, built a jury rig and sailed 700 miles with 5 days of provisions. 50 min.
$19.95 R705DVD

Three Peaks Victory

The "Three Peaks" race involves 389 miles of sailing and rowing and 73 miles of running. This is the story of the winning boat as they fought snow and ice, thick cloud and gale winds. 30 min.
$19.95 R706DVD

DVD The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship - Daysailers Sailing & Racing

In this program, you will learn how to sail and enjoy the most popular of all sailboats - the keel daysailers and small keel sailing boats.

Beginning with hull design, this program covers getting underway, boat handling and includes an introduction to the sport of sailboat racing. This program is packed with information including detailed close-ups, helpful graphics and a strong emphasis on safety.

Subjects covered include:
Tacking and Jibing.
How to shape the sails.
Life jacket type and use.
Crew organization.
The spinnaker.
Essential racing skills.
Navigation rules.
Man overboard rescue.
75 min.
$34.95 Y374DVD

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