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Learn How to Rig Balleyhoo, Mullet & Mackerel to Catch Big Game Fish. Learn all the techniques & procedures to rig some of the most popular natural & artificial strip baits. This program teaches the step-by-step procedures for rigging Balleyhoo, Mullet & Mackerel to catch big game species of saltwater fish. Close up shots of each bait being trolled in the water show you how baits should run if properly rigged and trolled. This allows for specific applications depending on the method of fishing you are using and the species you are trying to catch.

$34.95 F8869DVD


The fresher the bait, the better the catch! Saltwater fish eat live baitfish day in and day out. Rigging them so they look and act natural when used as bait can be challenging. This program teaches easy to follow rigging techniques and methods of trolling live baitfish such as menhaden, mullet, pinfish, round scad, snappers and blue runners along with how to catch bait using a multi-lure or multi-hook rig. Also teaches chumming, trolling natural reefs, boat speed control, plus the best methods for casting shrimp nets & how to catch baitfish using a cast net.

$34.95 F8861DVD

DVD Saltwater Fishing 101 For Beginners & How To Rig Natural Bait

Learn everything you need to know to begin this exciting sport. Plus how to catch fish the first time out & how to rig bait that seem to swim! Learn saltwater fishing from the fisherman who in a single year was named both "Angler of the Year" and the "Release Angler of the Year." In this instructional DVD, Dr. Jim covers the different rods and reels, how to use different types of line, hooks and sinkers along with the techniques for boat, shore, surf and pier fishing. Minutes: 70 mins

Price: $29.95 F3974DVD

DVD Trolling & Advanced Trolling For Saltwater Fish

An excellent program for those desiring to learn the most successful methods and techniques used in the basics of trolling and advanced trolling, for the more popular species of saltwater fish. This DVD provides interactive menus that allow you to quickly and easily review chapters of your choice and allow you to go to a specific application lesson, time and time again. The first program provides boat handling tactics, setting down-riggers, the best baits, pinpointing choice water conditions, running surface lines, hooks, rigging, gaffs, tackle, trolling equipment and tips on catching everything from Bonita to Blue Marlin. Get to the next level of proficiency in trolling and learn the advanced methods needed to become truly proficient and successful. With tips and information from experienced captains and anglers this program teaches outrigger release mechanisms, slow trolling methods, setting reel drags (star level & spinning), hook setting techniques, (live bait, dead bait, artificial lures), fish tagging procedures, using teasers, how to follow bottom contours and locating rip lines. An indispensable tool for the series fisherman! Step-by-step lessons include: Trolling For Saltwater Fish: Small & Medium Boats, Lures, Electronics, Outriggers, Downriggers, Dasy Chains, Navigating to Waypoints, Reef Fishing Action, Large Boats, Tease & Switch, Custom Boat Features. Advanced Trolling For Saltwater Fish: Introduction, Slow Trolling Live Bait, Setting Lever Drags, Setting the Hook with Live Bait (Marlin & Sailfish), Using the Plotter to find The Fish, Setting the Hook with Live Tuna (Marlin). Fishing with James Marsh Promo. Minutes: 92 mins

Price: $40.95 F9331DVD

DVD Trolling For Saltwater Fish & How to Use Natural & Artificial Baits

The complete guide to the secrets of saltwater trolling! Stripped bass, king mackerel, blufish and flounder are some of the species that find it hard to resist a properly presented lure, passed in their feeding zone. This program teaches you exactly how to do that along with how to fish with wire line. Minutes: 56 mins

Price: $29.95 F3975DVD


Learn the slow trolling methods using both natural & artificial baits and rigging techniques & tactics to catch sailfish. Downriggers are one of the most effective methods of saltwater fishing for all types of fish - pelagic, migratory & bottom species. This program also shows you how to use downriggers, which baits & lure are the most effective for different species along with the correct tackle and boat speed.
Minutes: 90 mins

Price: $34.95 F8846DVD

DVD Rigging & Trolling Special Baits

Learn everything you need to know about obtaining, rigging and fishing baits in a step-by-step, easy to understand manner. Covers ribbon fish, tandom live bait rigs, squid, tube lures, jig and plastic worm combinations.

Minutes: 40 mins

$24.95 F472DVD

DVD Using Downriggers To Catch Saltwater Fish

This tape provides instructions on setting up and operating downriggers. Plus advice and tips on trolling speeds and patterns, depth control, release mechanisms, tackle requirements and much more.

Minutes: 40 mins

$29.95 F947DVD

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