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NEW! How to Buy a Boat DVD Set
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Reg. $84.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $64.95

How to Buy a Powerboat, Top 60 Tips Purchasing, Pre-Purchase Survey

• The roles of dealers, brokers & surveyors
• Types of vessels, maintenance & construction
• Elements of a pre-purchase survey
• Thruhull fittings, blisters, hull to deck joints
• Engines, electronics & wiring
• Deck & hardware
• Guide through the purchasing process


Boating's Top 60 Tips - Purchasing A Boat

Produced in association with BOATING MAGAZINE.

This tape is designed to help you through the purchasing process irrespective of the size and type of boat you are considering. A valuable guide for all boaters providing many tips in many key areas often overlooked. 45 min.
$29.95 H468DVD

How To Buy A Powerboat

Learn the roles of dealers, brokers, surveyors, insurance and bank finance agents when purchasing a new or used powerboat. Also covers types of vessels, maintenance and construction. 64 min.

$19.95 P396DVD


This comprehensive program covers all the elements of an actual pre-purchase survey of both power and sail yachts in the 30 foot plus class. Features Jim Dias, of the Marine Surveyors Bureau, a World Class and highly respected surveyor. Packed with information on what surveyors look for in good and bad installations, this program covers everything from the props on up, including machinery, electrical, construction and domestics. Intended for the novice viewers and require some knowledge of marine terminology. Jim Dias Considered to be one of the world’s leading yacht surveyors, Jim Dias is a Certificated N.A.M.S. surveyor and the principal surveyor of the Marine Surveyors Bureau. Subjects Covered Include: Underwater Machinery, Thru hull Fittings, Coring Systems, Deck & Cockpit Moldings, Blisters/Delamination, Hull Construction, Keels/Rudders, Hull to Deck Joints, Deck Hardware, Propane Lockers, Corrosion, Stiffening Systems, Masts/Rigging, Sails, Propulsion Machinery, Auxiliary, Generators, 110 Volt AC/12 Volt DC Systems, Wiring, Pumping, Tankage, Accommodations, Safety, Sea Trial, Fire Fighting, Instrumentation, Spares.
80 mins.
  $39.95 H188DVD

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