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America's Fabulous Black Marlin Fishing

Fantastic black marlin action combined with expert instruction. Learn from the experts how to hook, fight and land these remarkable giants. Includes never before photographed footage of a world record 482 lb. black marlin caught on 16 pound test line. 40 min.

$24.95 F3642DVD

The Ultimate Blue Marlin

Unquestionably the king of the sport-fishing world, the blue marlin is the hardest to find and catch of all. This instructional video will teach you everything from habitats, feeding patterns, use of electronics, rigs, baits, lures & techniques to enable you to win this ultimate prize. 40 min.

$19.95 F911DVD

Marlin Magic

Captain Bill Hall, New Zealand's best known marlin fisherman, explains the specific methods which have brought him a double handful of world records including 10 marlin tagged and released in a single day. 80 min.
$19.95 F3654DVD

DVD Guy Harvey Underwater Realm: Magical Encounters The Striped Marlin

What better destination than the Baja Coast of Mexico to search for the Striped Marlin. Each year the Striped Marlin congregate near Magdalena Bay, to gorge on the abundant schools of Pacific Sardines in an area around Thetis bank. As well as teasing up Striped Marlin for close encounters with divers, discover balls of sardines being corralled and attacked from schools of Marlin from below and Frigate birds from above. Learn how Marlin's synchronize their feeding and how they interact with other large oceanic predators, such as Sailfish, Dorado, Sea Lions and Whales. Minutes: 23 mins
Price: $29.95 F3972DVD

Black Marlin The Ultimate

Spectacular tag & release action, head-to-head with hostile giant black marlin. Plus a night diving trip to the outer reefs for an incredible look at the underwater environment. 52 min.
$24.95 F861DVD


Marlin can be the hardest to find and hardest to catch of all big game fish. Learn from the experts how to hook, fight and land these fish along with expert instruction, feeding patterns, rigs, baits & lures.
105 mins.

$34.95 F8851DVD

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