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VHS titles are available for some older and more specialized units not currently listed. Please contact our order department at so we may confirm instructional video or DVD availability. Clearly list the manufacturer and unit on your inquiry.


GPS gives boaters the peace of mind of knowing where you are, where you've been & where you're headed. If you want to see just what GPS can do for you, how they operate along with the latest information on what's available, the Boater's Guide to GPS is just what you need!

Learn HOW GPS can assist you on the water & HOW TO USE IT to navigate back to your dock under any weather condition

All boaters have highly detailed digitized charts and GPS navigation available to them at a very reasonable cost. Even though these navigators are fairly simple to use, GPS devices can be intimidating to many users. By following this program, you can easily learn to operate GPS equipment with proficiency and confidence. This program shows you the many ways GPS can assist on the water and just how easy it can be to take full advantage of this advanced technology.

Most all boaters know that having a GPS navigator on board that takes them back to the dock or launch ramp under any weather condition is a huge advantage. GPS not only eliminates the worry of getting lost on the water, it shows you the way to any destination you want to go to. There are many valuable reasons for having a GPS chart plotter when you're out on the water. This program explains how satellite navigators are necessary for different applications ranging from inland lakes and waterways, to inshore and coastal waters, to offshore navigation on the high seas along with the different types of maps and charts that are available.

Learn the various ways your boat's position can be marked and saved, how remote locations can be entered as waypoints, how routes can be formed and saved using waypoints, maps or charts, how routes can be recalled and navigated to, how to record your boat's track and how alarms and alerts can be set up and activated. It also explains features such as weather map overlays, sun and moon rise and set times, tide and current charts, built-in points of interest and the various types of navigation displays available and those that are best for certain applications.

You'll learn:

• What GPS can do
• Choosing a GPS Unit
• Getting Started
• Position Format
• Accuracy
• Maps & Charts
• Speed
• Course
• Saving Waypoints
• Identifying Waypoints
• Going to Waypoints
• Checking Routes
• Routes
• Forming Routes
• Following Routes
• Navigation
• Tracks
• Recording Tracks
• Following Tracks
• Alerts & Alarms
• Sun & Moon Information

40 mins.


GPS Training Videos and DVDs

We are America's leading producer and distributor of GPS training videos and DVDs.
We carry videos for ALL BRANDS including Garmin, Furuno and Magellan.

Our new GPS DVD's provide complete and easy-to-follow instructions with simple menus that allow you to quickly and easily review chapters of your choice time and time again.

Our easy-to-understand videos teach you everything you need to know from installing the batteries and projecting waypoints to mapping areas and setting up routes.

Find your model from our extensive list of GPS titles, or browse our How To Guides section for titles that provide general overviews for the mariner, fisherman, and outdoorsman.

Lose your manual? We carry instructional videos for older model GPS units as well as the latest models.

Can't understand that confusing instruction booklet?

Our videos provide step-by-step instruction to get you up and running your GPS in no time.

Here's a sample of what you'll learn:
DVD GARMIN GPSMAP 172C & 178C Sounder & GPSMAP 276C Chartplotter/Automobile
Features the Garmin 276C, 172C & 178C units.

The most comprehensive, instructional, training DVD to teach you all the features and functions & HOW TO USE your Garmin unit.

DVD training makes it easy! Interactive menus allow quick and easy chapter review and allow you to go to a specific location time and time again.

This step-by-step, instructional training DVD walks you through the key features and functions of the Garmin GPSMAP 276C, 172C, 178C units from the basics to advanced operation. Learn everything you need to know to begin using your new satellite navigator, from projecting waypoints to mapping fishing areas and setting up routes.

Step-by-step lessons include:

Chartplotter Functions:
Initializing the receiver & acquiring your position
Position & datum’s
Storing your position & saving it as a waypoint
Navigation principles & terms
Using the navigation display & features
Forming & navigating to waypoints
Forming & following routes
Editing waypoints & routes
Following previous tracks

Sonar Functions:
How sonar works
Interpreting the signals
Locating fish and structure
Adjusting the sensitivity
Using the zoom modes & setting the zoom range
Frequencies and area of coverage
Manually adjusting the depth range
Setting fish and depth alarms
Clearing unwanted signals and interference
Customizing the unit

40 mins

$ 34.95

Garmin Fishfinder

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