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No matter what boat or sonar, you can improve your catch by correctly interpreting and understanding your fishfinder. Fishfinders can really increase your catch if you know how to set them up properly and interpret them correctly. In order to properly interpret sonar, you must know how a fishfinder works. This program teaches anglers how to interpret the sonar returns shown on their fishfinder's display in a step-by-step, easy to understand manner.

Most anglers rely strictly on fish identification features on their fishfinder, which can show many objects as fish that are not actually fish. Any submerged object between the surface and the bottom capable of returning sound, such as a tree limb, may be shown as fish on the screen. Another common problem angler's face is fully understanding the cone angle and coverage of their transducer. The gain adjustment can vary from what is shown and not shown on the display. While automatic adjustments in range and gain are usually adequate for running a boat, they are usually inadequate for finding fish. It is therefore important to understand frequencies and how to manually adjust settings to get the most from your fishfinder.

DVD Menu Subjects Covererd Include:

• Sonar Introduction
• Transducers
• Cone Angle
• Receiver
• Display
• Range
• Frequency
• Gain
• Fish Arches
• Water Conditions
• Flashers
• Zooming
• Fish I. D
• White/Gray Line
• Chart Speed
• Boat Speed
• Side Imaging
• Fish Alarms
• Customizing.
40 min.

$29.95 N8986DVD


Learn exactly what you need to know to catch Swordfish both day and night. This program takes you through all the steps to catch Swordfish along with all the equipment you'll need to land these monsters! Loaded with valuable information discover how you can easily catch 3 to 5 Swordfish on an evening trip when Swordfish are typically located 50 to 250 feet below the surface. It also reviews Daytime techniques (which are typically more difficult) using an Electric assisted reel for fishing in deeper water (1,200 to 2,000 feet) along with bait and tackle selection. Subjects Covered Include:

• Rod & Reel Selection - FIN NOR Rods and FIN NOR Santiago 50 wide reels
• loaded with 250lb test braided line
• Dolphin Electric assisted reel for day time fishing Weights, Lead, Sleds & jugs
• Strobe lights & clown lights for bait attraction - no lights no bites!
• 400lb test leaders with Daichii circle hooks
• Night time lures with lights for night time trolling
• Bait & Tackle Selection
• Drift
• Anchors
• Fishing & Safety Anchors
• Hooking Swordfish
• POON harpoon with 200' of line and ball
• Game Face fighting gear to fight a Swordfish to the end
• Safety Gloves
• Gear Maintenance
• Safety release knifes
• Boat Accessories .

40 min.

$24.95 F3988DVD

Inshore Sportfishing For Redfish

With Capt. Dave Sipler - Florida fishing guide & Writer for Sportfishing Magazine
The golden hue Redfish (Red Drum) has become a popular gamefish with saltwater tournament fisherman. Reds are a worthy opponent for all light tackle enthusiasts and are well known for their excellent table fare. This program covers sight casting techniques for Redfish in shallow creeks and marsh, stalking huge redfish in the summer that go deep to find cooler water and the challenge of top water lures tossed in late afternoon and evening. Teaches tackle selection, live bait as well as artificials, rigging techniques, preferred tackle and much more while hunting the illusive Redfish. 42 min.
$24.95 F8865DVD

Inshore Sportfishing for Sheepshead, Black Drum, Sea Trout, Flounder

With Capt. Dave Sipler - Florida fishing guide & Writer for Sportfishing Magazine
Inshore and near coastal saltwater sportfishing has become increasingly popular. Some of the largest of many of the saltwater species can be found year round in and around inlets to the ocean where they find an abundant food supply washed out by the tides from the estuaries. Sheepshead, Black Drum, Speckled Sea Trout and Flounder are among the most popular. They can challenge the light tackle enthusiast as well as providing excellent table fare. Discover the tips and techniques to help you catch these challenging species. 42 min.
$24.95 F8866DVD
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