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Exploring Under Sail Series

Since the first sailing ships cast off in search of fortune and knowledge, the imaginations of countless generations have been fired by the idea of sea voyages to foreign lands. In Exploring Under Sail, viewers travel with a group of global adventurers who combine the tradition of sail with the latest in high technology to explore the remote corners of the world.

WINNER GOLD METAL - Charleston Film Festival
WINNER SILVER MEDAL - Worldfest Film Festival

Exploring Under Sail Hit by a Hurricane

Hit by a Hurricane

Voyage down the Inland Waterway from Lake Ontario to Florida. The cruise quickly turns into a heart-pounding adventure as you run for shelter from an approaching hurricane. En route, assist in the rescue of a sinking trimaran and later survive a direct hit from the hurricane while other boats are destroyed. A unique look at a hurricane - the most powerful force in nature.

Reef sharks of the Bahamas

Explore the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, explore a remote blue hole, sail to an island populated only by giant iguanas, and meet a woman raising her family on her own desert island. Investigate the reef life in these enchanted isles, swim with a group of large eagle rays and dive in the middle of a school of more than a dozen large grey tip reef sharks. 47 min.

$29.95 R7072DVD

Exploring Under Sail Cape Horn

Cape Horn Challenge

Fastest of the thousands of clipper ships that made the voyage from New York to San Francisco was Flying Cloud, which made the voyage in 89 days. The record stood for 135 years, until 1989, when five boats tried to break this "oldest record in sailing." Amongst them was Georgs Kolesnikovs, just, in his words, "a middle-aged cruising sailor from Niagara Falls." Underdog of the small fleet at the start, he was, at the finish, owner of the new record time for the passage.

Antigua Sailing Week

What's the best single sailing event in the world? For great competition, big beautiful boats, great winds, wet T-shirts and the best parties in the Caribbean, the answer is Antigua Sailing Week. Sail with keen racing crews aboard maxi yachts and see what it's like to charter a yacht for the race in this tropical island paradise. 47 min.

$29.95 R7073DVD


Islands of the Whales

Transatlantic sailors, Paul and Sheryl Shard, voyage to the Portuguese islands of the Azores where they meet retired whalers, learn to sail a traditional whaling canoe and dive with octopus and sperm whales.

Mysteries of the Atlantic

The Shards dive on an underwater volcano where the lost continent of Atlantis is said to lie. On a nearby island, they cook a meal in hot volcanic mud and run with bulls in the cobbled streets. 47 min.

$29.95 R7074DVD


Voyages to Newfoundland

In celebration of the 500th Anniversary of John Cabot's voyage of discovery to Canada, a flotilla of 100 boats from Toronto and New York battle cold, fog and icebergs to sail to Newfoundland.

Frostbite Sailing

Sail at top speeds over the frozen water of northern Canadian lakes aboard ice boats, wind- surf in the snow, break through ice to sail radio control boats and race aboard 8 foot dinghies in a blizzard. 47 min.

$29.95 R7075DVD



Sailing in St. Maarten

Sail in the sparkling waters around the island of St. Maarten during the Heineken Regatta. Re-live the excitement of "the greatest regatta of the century" - the 1987 America's Cup - sailing aboard the 12 meter yachts "Stars & Stripes", "True North" and "Canada 1" that once churned the waters of Australia and are now in St.Maarten. Beach Cats scream through the surf, an all-female team competes in the hot J-120 class, and an elegant group of Tall Ships races around the island, pushed to top speeds by the powerful Trade Winds.


A fleet of ten F-27 trimarans compete in the world's largest yacht race, from Newport California to Ensenada, Mexico. One of them wins the race, beating the legendary Dennis Conner, then the group trailer their boats south deep into Baja California, where they cruise in flotilla, and explore the Sea of Cortez. A unique look at west-coast sailing - from the rambunctiousness of the Newport-Ensenada Race to the austere serenity of the Sea of Cortez. 47 min.

$29.95 R7076DVD



Into the myriad of islands that is Indonesia - along the little visited north coast of Flores visiting the villages where they fish from dug out canoes. To Rimini and Komodo home of the giant dragons. Bali and 1000 mile up across the equator to Singapore. The Malacca straights with luxurious stops in Malaya and it's tax free island. Into Thailand and the cruising live-aboard centre of Phuket. Finally across the Indian ocean to Galle in Sri Lanka
25 min

$ 29.95 C8891DVD

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