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The KEEP MULTIHULL SIMPLE With Legendary Catamaran Designer James Wharram

Unique Sailing Catamarans from the man who invented them - James Wharram

For those interested in seaworthy boat design and development, this program documents an intimate view of the design process, from legendary catamaran designer, James Wharam.

James Wharram is without doubt one of the most renowned figures in the catamaran scene around the world. No other multihull designer has equivalent experience. He has designed, built and sailed catamarans for over 50 years. In this program Wharram gives an inside look at his philosophy of sailing and an intimate view of the design process and details of his catamaran - "Spirit of Gaja"

As a catamaran-designer, Wharram designs his boats according to the sailing canoes of the ancient Polynesians. In this program, James explains his thinking about yachts and cats and his special ideas and design details about his catamaran, "Spirit of Gaja." He discusses the philosophy of sailing and the special details which make a catamaran a real "Wharram Cat." They tell the story about the main structural parts of the boat which are only held together by ropes, saving weight by using double sheets instead of big winches. The quality of the Wharram self-built catamarans is reflected in their popularity, excellence of craftmanship and 'sound sailing qualities'. 50 years on - with 10,000 sets of plans sold and thousands turned into proud vessels, Wharram 'Cats' can be seen in harbors across the world maintaining the highest reputation for surviving wind and wave.

James Wharram; In the mid 50's, based on his research into ancient Polynesian boat design, James Wharram built the first off-shore Catamaran in Britain and sailed it out into the Atlantic. While the World's yachting community were busy dismissing such a design as a worthy sea-going vessel, James was landing his 23' 6" 'Double Hulled Canoe' in the West Indies. There he built a second 40' Polynesian style Catamaran and sailed it back to the UK, being the first to sail a catamaran across the North Atlantic. These amazing Trans-Atlantic crossings have etched the name 'James Wharram' into the annals of yachting history.

26 mins


If you ever dreamed of cruising in and around the San Juan Islands in the pacific northwest - then this program is a must have!

Board a 34' C&C sailboat in Friday Harbor located on the eastern side of the San Juan Islands and sail out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca over to Victoria, B.C. From there, we'll sail back out into the Strait on over to Port Townsend and finally, down into Puget Sound to Eagle Harbor located across from Seattle. While at each port, discover the history of each town and what makes it a must see when sailing in the Pacific Northwest.
38 mins.

$29.95 C8893DVD

NEW! Sailling & racing Basics DVD Set
SAVE $10.00!

Reg. $69.90 2 DVD Set ONLY $59.90

Includes: The Racing Sailor & Basics of Sailing.

• Getting underway
• On the water instruction
• Rigging & parts of the boat
• Hoisting sails
• Gybing & coming about
• Reefing & knot tying
• Wrangling the spinaker
• Race starts
• Upwind strategy & tactics
• Reach tactics
• Downwind strategy
• Finishing techniques
• Wind shift management
• Offensive techniques
• Mark rounding


NEW! Race To Win DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $89.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $69.85

Includes: Racing to Win With Gary Jobson, Winning with Lawrie Smith & The Racing Sailor.

• Race starts
• Upwind strategy & tactics
• Reach tactics
• Downwind strategy
• Finishing techniques
• Wind shift management
• Offensive techniques
• Mark rounding
• Gary Jobson’s start, windward & downwind racing tactics
• Lawrie Smith’s sailing tactics
• Sail trimming & race strategies


NEW! Sailling 101 DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

$99.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $79.85

Includes: Learn to Sail, Improve Your Sailing Skills & The Sixty Minute Sailor.

•Complete basic-to-intermediate sailing course with Steve Colgate
•Language, tips & techniques of sailing
• Wrangling the spinnaker
• Sail Trim & draft control
• Spinnaker handling
• Anchoring
• Nomenclature
• Rigging
• Points of sailing
• Tacking & gibing
• Anchoring & docking



Crusing The San JUAN ISLANDS: Friday Harbor, Victoria & Port Townsend

If you ever dreamed of cruising in and around the San Juan Islands in the pacific northwest - then this program is a must have! Board a 34' C&C sailboat in Friday Harbor located on the eastern side of San Juan Island, and sail out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca over to Victoria, B.C. From there, we'll sail back out into the Strait on our way over to Port Townsend and finally, down into Puget Sound to Eagle Harbor located across from Seattle. With valuable navigational information, this program reviews the history of each town at each port visited while portraying the unique beauty of these islands.

38 min.

$29.95 C8893DVD

The Extraordinary Life and Epic Journey of Joshua Slocum

Winner Gold Special Jury Award - Houston Film Festival.

The career of Joshua Slocum, one of the 19th Century's most successful sea captains collapsed with the end of the Age of Sail...until he was given a 100 year old rotting oyster boat and decided to use it to become the first person ever to sail around the world - alone. His colorful life and remarkable voyage are captured for the first time in this program.

Captain Slocum commanded some of the finest tall ships that ever sailed the seas. On April 24, 1895, at the age of 51, he departed Boston in his tiny sloop Spray and sailed around the world single-handed, a passage of 46,000 miles, returning to Newport, Rhode Island on June 27, 1898. This historic achievement made him the patron saint of small-boat voyagers, navigators and adventurers all over the world.

This documentary fleshes out Joshua Slocum an independent sailor, following his life from his birth in Nova Scotia to his ultimate mysterious disappearance post-circumnavigation in 1909. Beautifully shot and artfully narrated, the program depicts Slocum's life as a runaway teen, a sea captain in the days of square riggers, an outrunner of pirates, outsmarter of natives and the original "roughin' it" type travel writer.

Like Slocum's wry informative novel, this program delights and inspires, as he interviews sailors and historians alike. Showing many "Spray" copies and following their builders as they tell Slocum's story and their own tales of their recreations of his passage. An educational inspiration that leaves a taste of salt in your mouth - not only causing you to yearn for the sea, but in appreciation of Slocum's ardor and the changing times through which he lived.

48 min.

$ 39.95 L4807DVD

The Racing Sailor - Winning Tactics For Small Sailboat Racing

"Highly Recommended." - Video Librarian.
Learn how sailboats work, how race courses are laid out, how to sail faster and win from our motion-realistic animations!

Featuring a combination of live-action footage and computer animation, this comprehensive production demonstrates winning tactics for small sailboat racing. The Racing Sailor illustrates how sailboats work, looks at racecourse layouts, and offers sailing techniques and strategies (both upwind and downwind) designed to help sailors increase speed, turn more quickly, and finish strongly. You'll discover everything you need to take your boat from the dock to the winner's podium, including strategy, tactics, and boat handling. Learn all the tips & techniques to increase boat speed, point higher and turn more quickly. Also features a nautical dictionary and a tutorial on sailing knots.

• Race starts
• Upwind strategy and tactics
• Reach tactics
• Downwind strategy
• Finishing techniques
• Wind shift management
• Offensive techniques
• Mark rounding

73 min.

$ 34.95 R7089DVD

NEW! Sail with Confidence DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $94.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $74.85

Includes: Sailing with Confidence, The Sixty Minute Sailor, Learning To Sail.

• Basics of “getting started”
• Intermediate helmsmanship & maneuvers
• Advanced heavy weather sailing
• Points of sailing, tacking & gibing
• Beaching, anchoring & docking
• Set & trim sails to harness the wind
• Racing basics


NEW! Learn to Sail DVD Kit
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $104.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $84.85

Includes: Basics of Sailing, Improve Your Sailing Skills & Cruising Under Sail.

• Rigging & parts of the boat
• Hoisting sails, gibing & coming about
• Wrangling the spinnaker
• Navigation, sailing & seamanship skills
• Steering & sail handling
• Intermediate sail trim & draft control
• Reefing, spinnaker, tacking & jibing
• Safety & Anchoring


NEW! Sailboat Racing DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $89.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $69.85

Includes: The Art of Racing Sailing, Racing To Win, Winning with Lawrie Smith

• Featuring racing legend Gary Jobson
• Start, windward & downwind tactics with 3D animation
• Gary Jobson’s tactics – how they win
• Sail trim, tactics & race strategies
• Setting up your racing boat for top performance
• Rig tuning, weight & balance
• Crew positions & sail handling
• Spinnaker sets & douses
• How to attain the greatest speed in any direction

$69.85 SSRACE

NEW! Classic Racing Sailing DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $114.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $94.85

Includes: Pacific High, Return of the J's, Transpac

Documentaries Featuring:
• The World-famous Newport- Ensenada Yacht Race - over 125 miles of    unpredictable sailing
• 100 years of drama in the Transpac including Ted Sierks being rescued after being    lost overboard for 29 hours
• Three J-Class yachts designed to compete in the America’s Cup between q1930 &   1937

$94.85 SSCLASS

Watch Online now

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Basics of Sailing with Penny Whiting

One of the clearest, most user-friendly teaching guides for those going afloat for the first time." A detailed, step-by-step guide to the basics of sailing which teaches, what to know before you go sailing, getting underway, the secrets of sailing and mastering the art of sailing. With on the water instruction, this program covers every aspect of sailing including the skills and confidence of boat handling and how to sail a 47 foot keel boat. Penny Whiting, is New Zealand's leading sailing instructor and a popular television yachting commentator. Learn: Rigging & parts of the boat, hoisting sails, gybing & coming about, reefing & knot tying, wrangling the spinaker & much more! Penny is the owner-operator of the "Penny Whiting Sailing School" which has taught more than 20,000 students to learn how to sail.

80 min

$34.95 R7087DVD

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  Living Aboard Sailboats

If you have ever considered living-aboard, then this program is certain to be a valuable source of information. Includes purchasing, financing, living quarters, plus design and storage solutions. 40 mins

$29.95 H466DVD

  Useful Knots For Boatmen

The best Coast Guard produced film on the subject, covering bowline, stopper knots, half, clove, rolling, reef, anchor and double hitch as well as the whipping of manila line. 25 mins

$24.95 H605DVD

  Racing To Win With Gary Jobson

Gary Jobson is a world class sailor and has been ESPN'S commentator for several America's Cup races. Live action and new three dimensional computer animated tactical illustrations show you how Jobson performs and thinks. In this video he shows you how his tactics win. Learn start, windward and downwind tactics with 3D animation. 60 mins

$29.95 R330DVD

  Weather To Go Boating

Become a better mariner by learning observation, interpretation and understanding weather and forecasts. Among the subjects covered are wind, waves, storms, weather maps & symbols, tides, fronts, clouds, fog, sources of information and forecasts. 90 mins

$29.95 H607DVD

  Race & Win - Making The Best Of Your Crew

“Great crew work wins races. This DVD is the best source I’ve seen on video for crewing. It is a must for racing sailors!” --- Gavin Brady, America’s Cup Helmsman. This program is the ultimate reference for racing crews. It provides a detailed look at the mechanics involved in each individual crew position on a modern race boat including: bow, mast, pit, headsail trimmer, tailer, tacks, jibes, douses & main trimmer. Hosted by racing coach Tucker Thompson, this instructive program provides a detailed look at each crew position and allows you to analyze each position and learn the entire crew’s responsibilities. Go on board and learn just how the pros do it!

$34.95 R7085DVD


Includes: The 2003 America’s Cup & The 97/98 Whitbread Pushing The Limits.Featuring the 2003 Americas Cup and the 97/98 Whitbread – this a “behind-the-scenes” look at two of the world’s most spectacular ocean races with action packed footage, indepth interviews and fantastic coverage of two of the toughest, most demanding races in history. SAVE $10.00! Reg. $69.90. BUY both for $59.90.

$59.90 SYACHTR


Includes: The Sixty Minute Sailor & Improve Your Sailing Skills. Learn all the theory and practice including rigging, tacking, gybing, safety, anchoring, docking plus intermediate sailing skills including sail trim, draft control, reefing & spinnaker handling. SAVE $10.00. Reg. $64.90 BUY both for $54.90.


Sail Trimming

Presented by Peter Bateman, an expert yachtsman and world champion, Sail Trimming is an instructional program aimed at helping yachtsmen trim sails more effectively in order to make their boats go faster. Using a combination of graphics and excellent onboard photography, this program demonstrates the basics of sail trimming in an easy to understand manner and gives a perfect perspective for understanding sail shapes and sail trim. Teaches: GENOAS - where best to check the shape; which shapes to have for each condition; how to adjust and trim to get the desired shape. MAINSAILS - how to set up the mainsail for fine tuning; trimming to balance the helm; how to make the boat accelerate; working with the helmsman to get the best boatspeed and highest pointing to windward; how to tune both mainsail and genoa to set as one unit. SPINNAKERS - How to adjust the rig for downwind sailing, the correct way to set spinnaker pole height and angle for maximum speed; how to identify the wrong shape and correct it; tipos on how to control a spinnaker in heavy weather. 34 min.

$29.95 R129DVD

Winning With Lawrie Smith

Learn techniques about sail trimming, sailing tactics, race strategies, from one of sailings most successful racing sailors. From the preliminary stages with the boat ashore, through the process of tuning afloat and finally into a race, this video shows high quality and close-up action. 60 min.

$24.95 R137DVD

Spinnaker Sailing

Learn to sail the spinnaker with a world-renowned racer! America's Cup champion sailor Tom Widden provides on-the-water instruction on trimming, launching, gybing, dousing and packing. This program demonstrates spinnaker handling for both cruising and racing chutes and provides pointers to crew positions when handling spinnakers and the effect of changing the height and angle of the spinnaker pole. As president of North Sails, he is also a mine of information on sails and rigging. Don't miss him! 60 min.

$29.95 Y113DVD

Alinghi: The Inside Story - America's Cup 2003

This film takes you into the heart & soul of the Alinghi campaign during the America's Cup competition. This extraordinary film documents slices of everyday life of the team & their families, the tensions & dramas as well as the joys. The team share their emotions & deepest feelings under their grueling physical training program & the constant upkeep & development of the boat. 97 min.

$34.95 R7083DVD

Stormy Weather: The Amazing Race Around Britain

The 1998 Round Britain & Ireland Yacht Race caused havoc amongst the fleet of 41 starters. Of the 15 multihulls, only 7 finished, the rest were scattered around the British Isles: dismasted, hulls & rudders broken, rigging failures - due to the violent weather & gale force winds. Share their challenges, broken rigging, the Arctic cold, the fearsome breaking seas of the open North Atlantic & dangerous rocky lee shores.. 41 min.

$34.95 R7080DVD

Volvo Round the World Race: The SEB Stopover Reports.

Follow Team SEB and their 7 competitors around the world, leg by leg, stopover by stopover in the toughest sail race on Earth. Skill, courage & endurance are put to the test with action-packed onboard footage & spectacular recap's & analysis of each leg. This is as close as you get without getting wet! 210 min.

$34.95 R7081DVD

Whitbread 97/98: Pushing The Limits.

A "behind the scenes" look at the world's most spectacular ocean racers and crew, featuring the Whitbread 97/98 winning EF Language's Paul Cayard (Skipper) & Magnus Olsson (Crew). How do these extraordinary sailors conquer 9 hellish months of raging seas, whiplash gales & sub-arctic conditions? Get the inside story that has never been told. 50 min.

$34.95 R7082DVD

Whitbread 97/98: Fight To Victory

Featuring the winning team - EF Language. This brilliant program brings action packed footage, indepth interviews and fantastic coverage of the toughest, most demanding race in history. 120 min.

$34.95 R7084DVD

Sixty Minute Sailor

Learn sailing fundamentals with this excellent video! You'll get theory and practice including nomenclature, rigging, points of sailing, tacking, and gybing, safety, beaching, anchoring, docking, and much, much, more. Teaches with graphics, computer animation and exciting footage shot in San Francisco Bay. 60 min.

$29.95 Y382DVD

Teaching Kids How To Sail

Learn To Sail With Steve Colgate, Olympic Champion

A comprehensive guide for young people and their parents discovering the joys of sailing. As one of America's best youth sailing programs, certified instructors at the prestigious San Francisco Yacht Club lead students through the basics of seamanship. Includes basic seamanship maneuvers such as; safety techniques, starting, stopping, docking, tacking, jibing, man overboard rescue and lots more. 40 min.

$29.95 Y388DVD

Learning to Sail

Learn the skills needed to sail both small and large boats with confidence! Join Rob MacLeod in this practical, skills-oriented approach designed to get you sailing right away. Teaches how to quickly gain confidence in handling small and large boats and how to set and trim sails to harness the wind. Covers boat handling, sail trimming, anchoring, docking and undocking, safety, cruising, man overboard recovery and racing basics. 100 min.

$29.95 Y9101DVD

USS CONSTITUTION- Living the Legend
Relive the Legend aboard the USS Constitution America's Most Famous Sailing Battleship

On July 21st, 1997, the U.S.S. Constitution celebrated her 200th birthday and set sail for the first time in over a century. At her helm, on the lines and aloft is another generation of young men and women becoming leaders in today's Navy.

America has few symbols as enduring as "Old Ironsides." A technical marvel of her time, Constitution gave our young republic its first victories at sea and began a tradition of excellence for the U.S. Navy. Now restored to her original splendor by skilled craftspeople and children across the nation who contributed pennies for her new sails, Constitution reaffirms America's dreams as her crew sails into the twenty-first century.

Relive the legend and watch this famous ship "Constitution" that gave our young republic its first victories at Sea.

55 mins.

$24.95 Y7866DVD

DVD SCOTT'S KNOTS - Learn How To Tie Knots

A Clear Concise Guide To Great Nautical Knots. Will have you tying your own knots like a seasoned pro in no time! This step-by-step instructional DVD will teach you how to tie a wide variety of knots & hitches & shows you exactly how to use them. Includes the figure 8, bowlin', reef, eye splice and many more.
40 mins.

$19.95 H610DVD

Basic Knots

Follow the experts in this detailed program covering over 18 knots and splices. Includes step-by-step instructions on how to master the techniques of tying all types of line and rope including knots, hitches and bends. Covers figure 8, square knot, clove & rolling hitch, bowline, 3 strand braid, half hitch, ring bowline, cleat hitch, double sheet bend & more. 30 min.

$24.95 H112DVD

The Art of Racing Sailing DVD

Learn How To Go Faster and Win!

Win More Races! The Art of Racing Sailing is a comprehensive look at setting up the modern racing boat for top performance. Learn how to sail between two points and around the buoys in the shortest time, maximize your boat to attain the greatest speed in any given condition and get a better understanding of the race from before the boat is even launched. Also teaches prelaunch preparation, rig tuning, weight and balance, crew positions, sails and trim, sail handling including tacks, gybes, spinnaker sets and douses, maneuvers and electronics.

Phil Nicols began sailing in 1976. He worked for Hood sails as a sail maker, raced a great variety of boats from Lasers to big boats with the majority of his experience coming from boats in the 40-foot range. He has trained crews and been a part of many successful racing campaigns including part of team that set several distance race records that have not yet been topped. Phil is the author of "The Racer's Edge" column in a Southern Ontario Sailing publication. The Art of Racing Sailing is a synopsis of his years of experience condensed into an easy to follow format that will help your boat and crew's performance in many areas for years to come. This production is a must have for the serious racer to sailor that just wants to improve his boat's performance. Gather your crew and watch it together. 58 min.

$34.95 R276DVD

Learn To Sail

Olympic sailor, noted author and founder of the world-renowned Off-Shore Sailing School, Steve Colgate takes TV and film stars Audrey Landers and Sam Jones through a complete basic-to-intermediate sailing course. Aboard a 27 foot Soling, they learn all of the language, tips and techniques that will make you a seasoned sailor in no time. An excellent program for the entire family. 100 min.

$34.95 Y381DVD

Sailing In Heavy Weather

Go offshore aboard a 40ft. sailboat for an exciting look at heavy weather sailing techniques and tactics. Join Warren Luhrs, Steve Dashew, John Neal and other top sailors as they talk about steering in large seas, heavy air sail trim, personal protection and storm tactics. 68 min.

$44.95 Y379DVD

Sailing With Confidence

A great new learn to sail program designed to give those with little or no sailing experience the knowledge and skills needed to sail with confidence. Expert instructor Bud Foulke covers the basics of "getting started," intermediate "helmsmanship and maneuvers" and advanced "heavy weather sailing and flying spinnakers." 90 min.

$34.95 Y380DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD Series

Based on the famous book and narrated by the author himself, host and demonstrator John Rousmaniere, these award-winning videos and DVD's are some of the most outstanding in the field.

John Rousmaniere, the author of The Annapolis Book of Seamanship - "The most complete and best reference book on the sport that has ever been available," according to the American Sailing Association. As one of the sports' most acknowledged authorities, John Rousmaniere has covered more than 30,000 milide of blue water and has written fifteen books about the sea and sailing. Yach Racing and Cruising World Magazine awarded him its Medal of Achievement for Contribution to Yachting.

Get all five volumes. Save $30.00!
Vol. 1-5, $144.75 S9370DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Cruising Under Sail

"This is the best instructional program we have seen." - Dolphin Book Club.
"An excellent job of covering basic seamanship in this program." - Sailing World.

This is the most complete and detailed instructional DVD ever made about sailing, from the moment you first climb aboard, to dropping anchor. Every maneuver and technique is demonstrated clearly with plenty of close ups and action replays. John Rousmaniere demonstrates navigation, sailing and seamanship skills in a clear, easy to follow way. Detailed explanations, action replays and close up photography all combine to make this program extremely specific and easy to follow.

Subjects covered include:
Basic navigation and planning a cruise.
Sail handling and sail trim.
Anchoring and docking.
Steering and boat handling.
Safety at Sea.
Moving around on deck.
Knots, ropework and much more!

72 min.
Vol. 1, $34.95 Y370DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Heavy Weather Sailing

"Superb program, Rousmaniere is a natural teacher." - Cruising World.
"Will help Sailors be more confident and even enjoy sailing in heavy weather." - Gary Jobson.

Many sailors anxieties about sailing in winds stronger than 20 knots will be eased when they learn the lessons taught in this fast-paced and highly informative DVD about going out when the winds are strong and the seas are high. In this program, host-demonstrator John Rousmaniere shows the modern techniques and equipment for mastering tough conditions so that the experience becomes more enjoyable and less fearful. Maneuvers are demonstrated with detailed close-ups and animated graphics.

Subjects covered include:
Boat and crew preparation.
How to avoid falling overboard.
Storm tactics, including heaving to and drogue deployment.
Trimming and shortening sails in fresh, strong and gale winds.
Plus exciting footage from the Whitbread Round The World Race.

55 min.
Vol. 2, $34.95 Y371DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Safety At Sea

Endorsed by the United States Yacht Racing Union's Safety At Sea Committee.

This fast-paced informative program covers proven techniques and equipment for avoiding and handling nautical emergencies. Featuring host-demonstrator John Rousmaniere, this program is for everyone who realizes that enjoyment on the water depends on safety at sea. All subjects are clearly shown in action footage shot on board cruising sloops, with detailed animated graphics.

Subjects Covered Include:
Boat and crew preparation.
Staying on board.
Going aloft in a boatswains chair.
Realistic man-overboard equipment demonstrations.
Heaving to.
Use of flares.
Government Regulations.
Inflation of a life raft.

94 min.
Vol. 3, $34.95 Y372DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Sailboat Navigation

This program teaches you step-by-step how to find your way with classic dead reckoning piloting and today's electronic navigation instruments. Includes clear demonstrations on the water and in a simulated navigator's station in a Coast Guard certified navigation school. Professional production includes detailed close-ups, helpful graphics and imaginative presentations of how objects appear on the chart and water, in good and bad visibility.

Subjects Covered Include:
The chart and compass.
Radar for navigating and avoiding collisions.
The navigation rules.
Finding your way in fog and at night.
Taking and plotting bearings.
Allowing for tidal current.
Tips and tricks for quick decisions.

70 min.
Vol. 4, $34.95 Y373DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Daysailers Sailing & Racing

In this program, you will learn how to sail and enjoy the most popular of all sailboats - the keel daysailers and small keel sailing boats. Beginning with hull design, this program covers getting underway, boat handling and includes an introduction to the sport of sailboat racing. This program is packed with information including detailed close-ups, helpful graphics and a strong emphasis on safety.

Subjects covered include:
Tacking and Jibing.
How to shape the sails.
Life jacket type and use.
Crew organization.
The spinnaker.
Essential racing skills.
Navigation rules.
Man overboard rescue.

75 min.
Vol. 5, $34.95 Y374DVD

Pacific High: The Ensenada Yacht Race

The World Famous Newport-Ensenada Yacht Race

Sail over an unpredictable 125-mile course as 4,000 competitors begin the world-famous Newport-Ensenada Yacht Race. The exciting aerial photography and the compelling on-board and on-land activities and interviews bring this exhilarating sporting event into your home. 83 min.

$39.95 A741DVD

Transpac: A Century Across The Pacific

The 100 Year Drama Of The Transpacific Yacht Race

This historical documentary video of the Transpacific Yacht Race traces one of the world's most prestigious sailing events. It features the men, women and even children who challenged 2,225 nautical miles of the Pacific under sail. It's all there: a hundred years of drama, danger and adventure - the tree-size topmast of Goodwill at 161 feet snapped off and threatening to destroy the boat at any moment, Ted Sierks, miraculously rescued after being lost overboard for 29 hours and lots more. 120 min.

$39.95 A740DVD

Sailing Skills DVD Gift Set

2 Program DVD Set features: Sailing with Confidence & Sailing in Heavy Weather. SAVE $10.00!

Learn the basics of getting started, intermediate helmsmanship, maneuvers, flying spinnakers & steering in large seas, techniques & tactics, heavy air sail trim & more. 27 min.

$69.90 SSAIL

DVD Top 60 Tips Sailing

Sail with Confidence! Tying knots, navigating, trimming sails, jibbing and tacking, basic seamanship - tips to make it easier are all right here!

This program teaches the necessary tips, techniques and knowledge to sail from shore and get back to the dock safely.

Subjects Covered Include:
Preparing the sails.
Hoisting the sails.
Tides & currents.
Casting Off.
Sailing Maneuvers.
Pulling in Lines.
Navigation Rules.
Aids to Navigation.
Sailing Maneuvers.
Purchasing a boat.
50 mins

$39.95 H4776DVD

DVD 100 Sailing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Tips & Techniques to Sail & Navigate Like a Pro!

Learning from your mistakes is definitely the hard way to go about learning to sail. Doing things right is sometimes just a matter of not doing things wrong. This program includes a list of common mistakes, as well as a few not so common, that you'll be sure to want to avoid.

Subjects Covered Include:
Running Aground.
Securing the Halyard.
Releasing the Luff Tape.
Falling Overboard.
Getting Lost at Sea.

DVD Menu:
50 mins

$34.95 Y9105DVD

DVD Blue Water Cruising

Valuable for Sailors Preparing to Set Sail into the Cruising Lifestyle.

Blue Water Cruising is a taste of the real cruising lifestyle showing it as it really is from expert sailors and navigators. Shot entirely on location between Miami and Trinidad this program features the Dominican Republic, Antigua, St. Lucia, Martinique, St Vincent & Grenada. It also features special anchorage's in the Caribbean along with a close examination of your boat, deck & electronic equipment needed. 60 mins

$29.95 C8885DVD

DVD Blue Water Destinations: Australia

To sail into Sydney harbour is an ambition of many cruising sailors. It is probably the nicest city south of the Equator and is full of life and fun. Northwards along the Australian East caost can be quite challenging especially towards the lagoon of Lady of Musgrave Island. Travel through the interesting and beautiful islands of the Great Barrier Reef and on to Darwin, an excellent last stop for cruising boats heading out to Indonesia.

The passage to West Timor is calm and smooth accompanied by dolphins and light winds but the arrival is a real culture change - with street markets and villages that have not changed for a thousand years. 25 mins

$29.95 C8890DVD

DVD Blue Water Destinations: Marquesas Islands to the Tuamotu Coral Atolls

An essential planning aid for anyone thinking of sailing to these mysterious South Pacific Islands.

Travel to the small Polynesian island of Fatu-Hiva and Tahuata which are almost never visited by outsiders except by sailing boat to the capital island of Nuku-Hiva with it’s ancient ruins of Polynesian villages. Then it's a downhill passage to the very dangerous Tuamotu Islands that are only a few feet above sea level and sparsely populated.
25 mins

$29.95 C8888DVD

DVD Blue Water Destinations: Panama Canal to Galapagos Islands

A must for anyone intending to transit the Panama Canal.

All three methods of locking are experienced – side wall, alongside and centre chamber as the crew transit the entire canal before descending the last locks into the Pacific Ocean.

From there the crew sailing onto the Galapagos Islands and visit all the permitted anchorages. Visit Wreck Bay in San Cristobal and Academy Bay on Santa Cruz to see the giant tortoise, lonley empty beaches and big marine iguanas. Finally travel to Isla Isabela in search of the Blue-Footed Booby. 25 mins

$29.95 C8887DVD

DVD Blue Water Destinations: Trinidad to Panama

A guide to the southern parts of the Caribbean that are seldom visited and islands that may only be visited by sail boats.

This program takes you from Trinidad to Panama, Angel Falls in Venezuela & Colon in Panama.

Discover the fishermen islands of Los Testigos and the wonderful, islands of Venezuela. Visit Tortuga, Los Roques and the lonely Aves which are almost never visited by tourists and seldom by cruising yachts. Visit the Netherland Antilles – the famous ABC Islands – Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and finally take the lumpy passage to Colon in Panama where all the cruising boats gather to prepare for the Transit of the Panama Canal. 25 mins

$29.95 C8886DVD

DVD Blue Water Destinations: Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cook Islands & Tonga.

Anchored behind the reef, visit the throbbing, vibrant, very French capital of the Society Islands - Tahiti and onto the beautiful nearby island of Moorea.

A stop at Bora-Bora then onto the very special and unique Cook Island - Suwarrow - possibly the most beautiful in the world.

Discover the popular cruising area, towns and villages of Tonga to the culture shock and hustle and bustle of Fiji.
25 mins

$29.95 C8889DVD

DVD Handling Sailboats Under Power

Teaches sailors all they need to know about how to handle a sailboat using an engine. This is especially important when you are maneuvering in close quarters, in and around moorings, docks and marinas.

This program provides thorough instruction in sailboat handling, docking, close quarter maneuvers, handling strong currents and steering a course. Subjects Covered Include: Basics of Handling Sailboats Under Power, Approaching Docks/Moorings, Maneuvering in Close Quarters, Departing Slips and Docks, Wind to Your Port, Steering a Course, Wind to Your Starboard, Downwind, Upwind, Engine Maintenance, Handling Strong Currents, Backing, Trimming, Rules of the Road (Under Power), Paddle Wheel Effect, Clearing the Lines, Maneuvering in Close Quarters. 50 mins

$34.95 H104DVD

DVD Improve Your Sailing Skills
For the Intermediate Sailor!

Produced for the sailor with some sailing experience, Improve Your Sailing Skills, is filled with the information needed to help any sailor become an expert.

Each topic is presented by top racers in a step-by-step, easy to follow manner to make learning as easy as possible.

Sail Trim.
Draft Control.
Spinnaker Handling.
Tacking and Jibing.
Anchoring. 45 mins

$34.95 Y385DVD

Learn To Sail & Get That Extra Knot

With Peter Isler. This program teaches the basics of sailing and a thorough lesson on the theory & application of wind, coming about & jibing, sail draft, getting the exta knot, using the Traveller and much more.

$34.95 R300DVD

Sailling Tips DVD Set

SAVE $10! Reg. $69.90 BUY both for ONLY $59.90. 2 DVD Set: Top 60 Tips & 100 Sailing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them. Teaches all the tips, techniques & knowledge to sail from shore and back again including: maneuvers, navigating, jibbing, tacking, docking, piloting & the most common mistakes & how to avoid them.


Improve sailling Skills DVD Set

SAVE $10.00. Buy both for ONLY $59.90. 2 DVD Set: Improve Your Sailing Skills & Sailing With Confidence. An information packed set, filled with knowledge to help any sailor become an expert and develop the skills necessary to sail with confidence. Taught by professional sailors & expert instructors each program teaches:Helmsmanship & maneuvers, Flying spinnakers, Sail trim & draft control, Reefing & Spinnaker handling, Tacking & jibing, Safety & anchoring.


Sail Navigation DVD Set

Cruising Under Sail & Sailboat Navigation. Featuring World-renowned sailing expert John Rousmaniere, each program teaches navigation, sailing & seamanship skills with detailed explanations & on-the-water instruction. SAVE $10.00!


Transtlantic With Street

Crossing the Atlantic under sail is an experience every yachtsman dreams of. This program takes you through the 5,000 mile Trade Winds route from Ireland to the winter sunshine of the Caribbean. A 44 foot yawl with no engine, an amateur crew and Don Street, author of The Ocean Sailing Yacht – and The Caribbean Cruising Guide, make this a passage packed with practical value. The first landfall is Vigo, just to weather of Cape Finisterre - in the shipping lanes in dense fog with only a sextant and an ancient RDF to help you. Then out across the bare ocean to the tiny island of Porto Santo. There’s enchanting Madeira, the haunting isolation of the Salvage Islands and the commercialism of the Canaries. The Trade Winds fill in at 20 N., where we start the exciting reach down to the Third World of Cape Verdes. The last leg is 2100 nm downwind. We see whales and almost loose the mainmast before ending our Atlantic crossing on beautiful Antigua. mins 120

$ 29.95 C440DVD

The Sail DVD Set

SAVE $30.00! Reg. $89.70. 6 DVD Set for ONLY $59.70. 6 DVD Set: Sailing For New Sailors, Reading The Wind, Rules of the Sea, Day Sailing, Sailing For Paradise, Windsurfing. Learn the background skills & knowledge required for the novice or experienced sailor. Teaches: Introduction to the language, theory and fun of sailing, key elements for sailing a marked course, guidelines for conducting a vessel at sea, points of sail and wind direction, chartering boats & sailing schools, cruising aboard a 29' racer-cruiser plus lessons on boardsailing.

$69.75 SY406DVD


Listen to the sailor's stories of the ships they sail and why they love the sea. This program is an intimate look at sailors, talking about themselves and why they sail. 60 min.

$19.95 R398DVD

Against The Odds: Boc 1994/1995

"Against The Odds" tells the story of Alan Nebauer's courage as the first person in the history of the race to win two seamanship awards. One for rescuing a fellow sailor whose yacht was sinking and one for sailing around Cape Horn without a mast. 42 min.

$29.95 R680DVD

BOC Challenge - Knockdown!

"When onboard video cameras were first introduced to around-the-world sailboat races, they promised the kind of on-the-spot documentation that Don McIntyre has assembled in this film." - Sailing Magazine

Don McIntyre suffered a "knockdown" during a 70-knot gale with 50 foot seas and snow while competing in the 1990-91 single-handed BOC Challenge. It's all here - surfing at 30 knots, being washed overboard, colliding with a whale, the 360 degree rollover, hurricanes, icebergs and snow. 105 min.

$29.95 R684DVD

Atlantic Dismasting

Experience the thrills of offshore multihull racing over 2,500 Atlantic miles. Discover how one team broke the record, lost the mast, saved the boat, built a jury rig and sailed 700 miles with 5 days of provisions. 50 min.

$19.95 R705DVD

Three Peaks Victory

The "Three Peaks" race involves 389 miles of sailing and rowing and 73 miles of running. This is the story of the winning boat as they fought snow and ice, thick cloud and gale winds. 30 min.

$19.95 R706DVD

Across Alone Transpacific Race

Australian Ian Johnston broke the record for the 2200 mile race in 1986, in the revolutionary Crowther 40 foot trimaran Bullfrog. He was pursued by Jeff Hartz in the 44 foot trimaran Fat, and Kiwi Peter Hogg in the Newick 40 foot catamaran Tainui. Step on board these multihulls as they streak across the ocean at 17-20 knots. Dan Newland and Peter Clutterbuck took first and second in the monohulls. Watch these world class sailors as they struggle with setbacks and share their innermost thoughts on the long sleigh ride west. Learn what it's like directly from them. 60 min.

$19.95 R7071DVD


How To Buy A Sailboat

This tape takes you through the entire process from start to finish including information on financing, insurance and whether to purchase a new or used sailboat. A must if you are purchasing your dream boat. 66 min.

$19.95 Y395DVD

Back to Classics

Provides a unique opportunity to take a closer look at some of the most beautiful and certainly most cherished yachts of their time. From small day-boats to 60ft ketches, a legendary America's Cup challenger to a century old gentleman's cutter. 45 min.
  $ 34.95 A7442DVD

Return of the J's

Designed to compete for the America's Cup between 1930 and 1937, only ten J-Class yachts were ever built. Of these, only three have survived. Shamrock V, Velsheda & Endeavour. Each has been gloriously restored & racing together For the first time in home waters for 65 years. 55 min.
  $ 34.95 A7443DVD

Pacific High: The Ensenada Yacht Race

The World Famous Newport-Ensenada Yacht Race

Sail over an unpredictable 125-mile course as 4,000 competitors begin the world-famous Newport-Ensenada Yacht Race. The exciting aerial photography and the compelling on-board and on-land activities and interviews bring this exhilarating sporting event into your home. 83 min.

  $39.95 A741DVD


The riveting story of three human lives pushed to the edges of starvation, madness and betrayal! A sudden storm leaves this tiny crew adrift for 74 days, exposed to the punishment of the sea. 94 min.

$29.95 A1105DVD

The Last Sailors

Hosted by Orson Welles, this is the story of the men and women, who with their ancient crafts, still harness the wind and the sea for their livelihood. 150 min.

$39.95 A308DVD


Merit - Whitbread 1989/1990

Pierre Fehlmann, winner of the fourth Whitbread in 1986, captains Merit in his fifth Whitbread. Although Merit is beaten by New Zealand's Steinlager this extraordinary film documents the Merit challenge and contains some of the best ocean racing footage we've ever seen. 61 min.

$24.95 R194DVD

Sailboat Handling DVD Set

SAVE $10! Reg. $59.90 BUY both for ONLY $49.90. 2 DVD Set: Sail Trimming & Spinnaker Sailing. Learn to trim sails more effectively. Teaches on-the-water instruction on trimming, launching, gybing, dousing, packing, mainsails, & spinnakers.


Race Boat Crewing DVD Set

SAVE $10! Reg. $64.90 BUY both for ONLY $54.90. 2 DVD Set: Shape of Speed & Race & Win. Lean sail shape & handling in three easy sections including mainsails, headsails & spinnakers. Plus a detailed look at each crew position - bow, mast, pit, headsail trimmer, tailer, tacks, jibes & douses.


Sailling Techniques DVD Set

SAVE $10! Reg. $64.90 BUY both for ONLY $54.90. 2 DVD Set: Sixty Minute Sailor & Sailing With Confidence. Teaches sailing fundamentals, rigging, points of sailing, tacking, gybing, anchoring, docking, intermediate helmsmanship & maneuvers.


Sailling Techniques DVD Set

SAVE $10! Reg. $64.90 BUY both for ONLY $54.90. 2 DVD Set: Sixty Minute Sailor & Sailing With Confidence. Teaches sailing fundamentals, rigging, points of sailing, tacking, gybing, anchoring, docking, intermediate helmsmanship & maneuvers.


Whitbread DVD Set

SAVE $10! Reg. $69.90 BUY both for ONLY $59.90. 2 DVD Set: Pushing The Limits & Volvo Around The World Race DVD. A "behind the scenes" look at on of the World's most spectacular ocean races and their crew. Featuring the Whitbread 97/98 winning EF Language's Paul Cayard (Skipper) & Magnus Olsson (Crew) and The Volvo Ocean Race Team, SEB and their 7 competitors. Skill, courage and endurance are put to the test with action-packed onboard footage and spectacular recap and analysis of each leg. Discover how do these extraordinary sailors conquer 9 hellish months of raging seas, whiplash gales & sub-arctic conditions. Get the inside story that has never been told.


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