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Cruising the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean
St Martin to Dominica

A valuable guide to the Leeward & Windward Islands of the Caribbean & for all cruisers and boaters exploring this region!

Explore the Dutch, French and independent Leeward Islands of the warm, clear, Caribbean sea.  Tour romantic locales, historic sites, colonial towns, pristine bays and beaches, secluded anchorages and the fantastic views of the lush jungles and volcanoes of the Leewards.  Visit Fort Brimstone, Fort Napoleon’s dungeons, Nelson’s dockyard and the Morningstar plantation.

This program covers the islands from: St.Maarten, St. Martin, St. Barts, Statia Antigua, St. Kits, Montserrat, GuadeLoupe, Dominica Isles Des Saintes, Nevis.

60 min.          
SRP: $29.95

Cruising the Windward Islands of the Caribbean
Martinique to Grenada

An ideal cruising companion with navigational information, anchorages, ports and sites of interest.

This program explores the Dutch, French and independent Windward Islands of the Caribbean sea.  Tour historical sites including, Fort De France, Pont Du Boute Trois Islets and Empress Josephines birthplace.  Visit the whalers of Admiralty Bay, Bequia, Marigot Bay, Castries & the Pitons, the shark pools of Union Island, fantastic beaches & lush jungles.

This program covers the islands from: Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Mustique, Bequia, Union Island, Grenada, Cannouan, Mayreau, Trois Islets, Cariacou & the Cays of the Grenadines.

60 min.          
SRP: $29.95

Cruising North to Southeast Alaska

Experience the best of British Columbia's magnificent sights on the way up the Inside Passage, including the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast and Princess Louisa. Travel onwards through most of Southeast Alaska, including the well known attractions such as Ketchikan, Anan Bay, Petersburg, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, and Sitka, as well as many relatively unknown yet no less beautiful spots. This program compiles five trips, on three very different boats, to Southeast Alaska covering beautiful landmarks at each destination.

Experience all the wild life the Southeast has to offer including the bears of Anan Bay, sea otters, seals, eagles, Humpback and Killer Whales, the annual salmon runs, halibut and salmon fishing, shrimping and crabbing in the wild. Includes an in-depth look at what can be seen and experienced in this great waterway.

    Featured Destinations Include:

  • Friday Harbor
  • Princess Louisa
  • Port McNeil
  • Ketchikan
  • Ketchikan Area
  • Meyers Chuck
  • Anan Bay
  • Petersburg
  • Juneau
  • Glacier Bay
  • Sitka Area
62 min.

$29.95 C8892DVD

Cruising South to Mexico

Travel nearly 1,800 miles south from Ensenada to Acapulco and up the mainland coast. Destinations include Zihuatenejo, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and many lesser known anchorages. From there, travel across the Gulf of California to Baja, La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. See dolphin and whales in their natural habitat along with Isla Isabela, a Mexican National Park. Discover little known anchorages seldom visited by cruising boats along with spectacular sunsets in the tropics.

Experience the sights and experiences in this exotic part of the World.

    Featured Destinations Include:

  • The Mexican Riviera
  • Isabela & Mazatlan
  • Baja California

$29.95 C8894DVD

DVD Cruising The South Pacific

From San Diego to the South Pacific. Learn the nuts and bolts of long distance South Pacific cruising including cruise preparation, equipment, routes, weather patterns, supply availability, anchorages, ham radio, entering atoll passes, and long distance passage making. Includes the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Societies, Cook, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Christmas and the Hawaiian Islands.
90 mins.

$29.95 C442DVD

DVD Bill Harmon's Video Guide To U.S. Virgin Islands Of St. Thomas And St. John

Here's a vivid mariners guide to St. Thomas and St. John--invaluable for bareboat chartering or cruising. Covers trip preparation, navigation charts, choosing charters and the right boat, shopping, restaurants and all shoreside facilities.
70 mins.

$29.95 C496DVD

DVD Cruising Guide To The Hudson River

An informative & entertaining cruise along the Hudson River. Covers the major ports & harbors, marine facilities, dockside restaurants & lots more that will make you're next Hudson cruise much more enjoyable.
45 mins.

$24.95 C498DVD

DVD Cruising Western Long Island Sound

Mix fantastic cruising waters, sandy beaches, protected bays, hundreds of islands, fun fishing, outstanding near-water dining & you have Long Island Sound. This video profiles major ports from Hell Gate to Branford CT, crossing to Mt. Sinai then following the Long Island coast back to Manhattan. With coverage of charts, navigation advice & safety tips.
60 mins.

$24.95 C503DVD

DVD Exploring Under Sail Volume 1

Hit by a Hurricane

Voyage down the Inland Waterway from Lake Ontario to Florida. The cruise quickly turns into a heart-pounding adventure as you run for shelter from an approaching hurricane. En route, assist in the rescue of a sinking trimaran and later survive a direct hit from the hurricane while other boats are destroyed. A unique look at a hurricane - the most powerful force in nature.

Reef sharks of the Bahamas

Explore the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, explore a remote blue hole, sail to an island populated only by giant iguanas, and meet a woman raising her family on her own desert island. Investigate the reef life in these enchanted isles, swim with a group of large eagle rays and dive in the middle of a school of more than a dozen large grey tip reef sharks.
47 mins.

$29.95 R7072DVD

DVD Exploring Under Sail Volume 2

Cape Horn Challenge

Fastest of the thousands of clipper ships that made the voyage from New York to San Francisco was Flying Cloud, which made the voyage in 89 days. The record stood for 135 years, until 1989, when five boats tried to break this "oldest record in sailing." Amongst them was Georgs Kolesnikovs, just, in his words, "a middle-aged cruising sailor from Niagara Falls." Underdog of the small fleet at the start, he was, at the finish, owner of the new record time for the passage.

Antigua Sailing Week

What's the best single sailing event in the world? For great competition, big beautiful boats, great winds, wet T-shirts and the best parties in the Caribbean, the answer is Antigua Sailing Week. Sail with keen racing crews aboard maxi yachts and see what it's like to charter a yacht for the race in this tropical island paradise.
47 mins.

$34.95 R7073DVD

Return of the J's

Designed to compete for the America's Cup between 1930 and 1937, only ten J-Class yachts were ever built. Of these, only three have survived. Shamrock V, Velsheda & Endeavour. Each has been gloriously restored & racing together For the first time in home waters for 65 years. 55 min.

$ 34.95 A7443DVD

DVD America's Out Islands - The Florida Keys

From Miami to Key West, this program shows you the Keys from land, sea and air. For the charter or visiting yachtsman this video guide will prove to be an invaluable resource.
60 mins.

$29.95 C321DVD

DVD The Bahamas - Available Paradise

"An excellent guide covering geography, hydrography, climate, facilities & accommodations." The Bahamian islands offer a variety of boating and water-related recreational opportunities. World-class fishing, unparalleled diving and safe, but challenging sailing are just a few of these activities. Covers close up looks of Grand Bahamas, the Abacos, Bimini, the Berrys, Nassau, Eleuthera, the Exumas and Cat Island.
60 mins.

$29.95 C338DVD

DVD The Way South Vol.1

"A must viewing for anyone considering or planning a cruise south on the Intracoastal Waterway." Join us for a mile by mile, town by town trip down this fascinating and historic waterway. Discover the places to go, the marinas to visit and the sights to see during your trip. Includes views from the air, land and sea. A must see for anyone considering or planning a cruise south on the Intracoastal Waterway.
60 mins.

$29.95 C351DVD

DVD The Abacos

"A must for anyone planning a cruise to the Abacos." The Abacos Island is the largest of 700 that make up the Bahamas. A cruising paradise of protected water, white beaches and dozens of anchorage's. Starting at Walker's Cay in the northwest, this program covers every cay of every size from the beautiful Double Breasted Cay to Treasure Cay, Green Turtle, Man 'O War, Elbow Cay, Marsh Harbor and many others in this detailed guide for the entire area.

60 mins.
$29.95 C353DVD

DVD The Floridas Sun Coast

"Covers launching ramps, marinas, resorts and waterfront restaurants via surface footage & superb aerial footage. "This program details virtually every place of interest, the remote anchorages, friendly facilities and towns, that make cruising along Florida's Gulf Coast from Marco Island to Tarpon Springs such a pleasure. The tape covers the area from south to north and includes all the piloting information needed to cruise the area successfully.

60 mins.
$29.95 C358DVD

DVD Cruising Florida's Waterways

Florida is known by far as the sunshine state. It has almost uncountable miles of inland water, much of which can be easily reached by almost all cruising boats. This program provides an overview of the literally thousands of miles of wonderful waterways that can be cruised and enjoyed in Florida.

60 mins.
$29.95 C360DVD

DVD The British Virgin Islands

The most complete video guide for mariners available today! Includes all the navigation information for the islands, trip planning and preparation, choosing a boat and charter, cruising destinations plus shoreside facilities and services. Explore the islands, including secluded harbors and beaches, the best diving and snorkeling sites and popular moorings.
70 min.
$29.95 C495DVD


DVD Cruising the Bahamas with the Shards

If you are dreaming of a cruise to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas this delightful program will wet your appetite for adventure! Using unique underwater footage, discover techniques for anchoring and piloting the shallow waters of the Bahamas. Discover local destinations, learn to interpret the weather and find protected anchorages.
60 mins.

$29.95 C523DVD

DVD Blue Water Cruising

A taste of the real cruising lifestyle from expert sailors & navigators. Covers the Dominican Republic, Antigua, St. Lucia, Martinique, St Vincent & Grenada. Featuring "special" anchorages in the Caribbean.
40 mins.

$29.95 C8885DVD


DVD Blue Water Destinations: Trinidad to Panama

Travel from Trinidad to Panama, Angel Falls in Venezuela & Colon in Panama. Discover the fishermen islands of Los Testigos, the wonderful islands of the Venezuel a to the Netherland Antilles - Bonaire, Curacao.

25 mins.

$29.95 C8886DVD


DVD Blue Water Destinations: Panama Canal to Galapagos Islands

A must for anyone intending to transit the Panama Canal. All three methods of locking are experienced – side wall, alongside & centre chamber along with the permitted anchorage's in the Galapagos Islands.

25 mins.

$29.95 C8887DVD


DVD Blue Water Destinations: Marquesas Islands to the Tuamotu Coral Atolls

Travel to the small Polynesian island of Fatu-Hiva & Tahuata which are almost never visited by outsiders, Nuku-Hiva with it’s ancient ruins of Polynesian villages & the Tuamotu Islands - only a few feet above sea level & sparsely populated.

25 mins.

$29.95 C8888DVD



Islands of the Whales

Transatlantic sailors, Paul and Sheryl Shard, voyage to the Portuguese islands of the Azores where they meet retired whalers, learn to sail a traditional whaling canoe and dive with octopus and sperm whales.

Mysteries of the Atlantic

The Shards dive on an underwater volcano where the lost continent of Atlantis is said to lie. On a nearby island, they cook a meal in hot volcanic mud and run with bulls in the cobbled streets. 47 min.

$29.95 R7074DVD



Sailing in St. Maarten

Sail in the sparkling waters around the island of St. Maarten during the Heineken Regatta. Re-live the excitement of "the greatest regatta of the century" - the 1987 America's Cup - sailing aboard the 12 meter yachts "Stars & Stripes", "True North" and "Canada 1" that once churned the waters of Australia and are now in St.Maarten. Beach Cats scream through the surf, an all-female team competes in the hot J-120 class, and an elegant group of Tall Ships races around the island, pushed to top speeds by the powerful Trade Winds.


A fleet of ten F-27 trimarans compete in the world's largest yacht race, from Newport California to Ensenada, Mexico. One of them wins the race, beating the legendary Dennis Conner, then the group trailer their boats south deep into Baja California, where they cruise in flotilla, and explore the Sea of Cortez. A unique look at west-coast sailing - from the rambunctiousness of the Newport-Ensenada Race to the austere serenity of the Sea of Cortez. 47 min.

$29.95 R7076DVD



Learn how to make the most out of a small boat for serious ocean sailing. Covers equipment, sails, navigation, heavy weather & lots more! 63 min.

$24.95 Y119DVD


Baja Passage

Come aboard the 30' Catalina "Hubba Hubba" for a 1,000 mile south of the border cruise to the tip of Baja California and round to La Paz. See equipment selection, route planning, stop-overs and breathtaking aerial footage. 80 min.

$24.95 C320DVD


Airborne - A Sentimental Journey

Wm. F. Buckley Jr., along with his son and friends, takes you across the Atlantic on his yacht, "Cyrano." Learn from this Trans-Atlantic veteran about weathering storms, hove-to, knock downs, rigging and provisioning in his inimitable fashion. 145 min.

$24.95 C322DVD


Faydra Cruises The Canadian West Coast

Experience the wonders of the Canadian West Coast aboard the "Faydra." Features the Arran Rapids, with 14 knot tidal currents, and the ancient Indian villages of Moresby Island in the Queen Charlottes. A great cruising guide. 60 min.

$19.95 C356DVD


Cruising Catalina And The San Clemente Islands

Join the crew of the "Hubba Hubba" as they embark on a voyage to Catalina. Details on trip planning, preparation, sailing conditions, anchorages, harbors, facilities, dive and fishing spots and possible hazards. 60 min.

$29.95 C410DVD


San Juans Navigator

An Indispensable Boaters Guide to The San Juan Islands

Cruise the San Juan Islands in confidence! Sit back, relax and enjoy a cruise through the San Juan Islands of Washington State, the boaters paradise of the Pacific Northwest. This program takes us from Roche Harbor Villiage to the Washington State marine park at Sucia Island and from Friday Harbor onto Rosario Resort to Blakely Marina. With valuable navigational information this program portrays the unique beauty of these friendly isles including courses, distance, times, harbor and visitor information. 40 min.

$19.95 C412DVD



This cruising guide covers all the navigation, harbor, anchorage and facility details plus places to go and see. 60 min.

$24.95 C430DVD


Guide To Weekend Cruising

Sailors of all ability levels will learn skills and techniques for safe and enjoyable weekend cruising. Packed with information, this is an excellent orientation. 60 min.

$19.95 C441DVD


The Caribbean Cruising Series

Cruising The U.S. Virgin Islands

Indispensable and detailed cruising and navigation information! Covers anchorages, local navigation, customs, shore facilities, dive spots, and more. Everything you'll need to make your boating in the islands unforgettable! 60 min.

$29.95 C492DVD


The Caribbean Cruising Series

Cruising The British Virgin Islands

Indispensable and detailed cruising and navigation information! Covers anchorages, local navigation, customs, shore facilities, dive spots, and more. Everything you'll need to make your boating in the islands unforgettable! 60 min.

$29.95 C493DVD


Escape Under Sail

Follow the 48 ft. ketch, "Dulcinea," on her two-year 10,000 mile voyage as she travels from Vancouver, Canada to find paradise in the South Pacific. This tape captures the spirit of fun, wanderlust, adventure and yearning in seeking the perfect island paradise. 60 min.

$24.95 C522DVD


Just Cruising

This excellent video shows how the Copeland family travelled the world. Visit remote Indonesian atolls, frolic with sea lions off the Galapagos and take part in the Tall Ships event in Australia. 54 min.

$19.95 C739DVD


Sail West To Desolation Sound

Under sail and under power discover the Pacific Northwest from the spectacular mountain fjord of Princess Louisa inlet to the serenity of Savary Island. Learn about the marine facilities available and how to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Charter guide and weather tips included. 50 min.

$19.95 C755DVD



Voyages to Newfoundland

In celebration of the 500th Anniversary of John Cabot's voyage of discovery to Canada, a flotilla of 100 boats from Toronto and New York battle cold, fog and icebergs to sail to Newfoundland.

Frostbite Sailing

Sail at top speeds over the frozen water of northern Canadian lakes aboard ice boats, wind- surf in the snow, break through ice to sail radio control boats and race aboard 8 foot dinghies in a blizzard. 47 min.

$29.95 R7075DVD



Into the myriad of islands that is Indonesia - along the little visited north coast of Flores visiting the villages where they fish from dug out canoes. To Rimini and Komodo home of the giant dragons. Bali and 1000 mile up across the equator to Singapore. The Malacca straights with luxurious stops in Malaya and it's tax free island. Into Thailand and the cruising live-aboard centre of Phuket. Finally across the Indian ocean to Galle in Sri Lanka
25 min

$ 29.95 C8891DVD



SAVE $10! Reg. $59.85 Get All 3 For ONLY $49.85. 3 DVD Set: Billfish: The Bahamas An Overview, The Bahamas Berry Islands, The Bahamas Abacos.

$ 49.85 BAH3DVD

The Bahamas Cruising Series

With this captivating series you have the "chance of a lifetime" to discover this island paradise through the eyes of the Islanders themselves! Aside from offering a complete guide to all the world famous attractions, beautiful beaches and best watersports is that it makes you feel like an islander without leaving home! This is the best guide to all the sights, sounds, culture, sailing, fishing, boating, diving and watersports.


The Bahamas - An Overview

45 min.

$19.95 C479DVD


The Bahamas - Berry Islands

45 min.

$19.95 C480DVD


The Bahamas - Abacos

45 min.

$19.95 C481DVD

Great Lakes Cruising Series

Simply The Best Way To Learn All About Cruising The Grand Ladies Of The Northern United States. Aside from being an excellent introduction to potential Great Lakes boaters, this series will reacquaint seasoned cruisers with the splendor and beauty of this magnificent cruising region. At the same time, this series will familiarize you with all the harbors, anchorages, facilities, on-shore entertainment, weekend retreats, sights to see, cruising tips, comforts and conveniences that will make your cruising more enjoyable.



A journey to this northernmost waterway of Lakes Michigan and Huron is a step back in time to one of the most pristine cruising grounds in North America. This program covers all the details relevant to cruising boaters and provides you with an invaluable guide to charming Mackinac Island, its surrounding wilderness region and some of the most accommodating weather and natural harbors in the country.

48 mins.

$29.95 C471DVD



List the ten best cruising areas in the Great Lakes and the Door County peninsula, that “thumb” of Wisconsin jutting out into Lake Michigan, would be included. Called the “Cape Cod of the Midwest” this is the perfect combination of wilderness and civilization. This program is a journey up the 250 mile Green Bay coast of the Door County peninsula from Sturgeon Bay, the home of Palmer Johnson boatyards, to Washington Island, one of the first Icelandic settlements in the U.S. Go ashore in the charming New England style villages of Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim and Sister Bay.
52 mins.

$29.95 C472DVD



This cruising guide takes you from the Blue Water Bridge, the southern boundary of Lake Huron, all the way to the entrance of Lake Erie. Along the way you’ll experience the transient facilities and on shore amenities of the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River. This area of the Great Lakes contains more boating facilities than any other freshwater cruising area in the world. Cruise the border between Canada and the U.S. all the way from Port Huron/Sarnia down the St. Clair River into Lake St. Clair. From Windsor, Ontario directly across the river from Detroit, to the entrance of Lake Erie you will see all the sights and sounds of one of the world’s busiest and most fascinating rivers.
48 mins

$29.95 C473DVD



This program covers much of the spectacular north shore of Lake Ontario, from the exciting cosmopolitan shoreline of Toronto, to the more remote reaches of the Bayof Quinte, to Niagara-on-the-lake. Visit the harbors of Picton, Belleville, Trenton, the Murray Canal, Cobourg, Oshawa, Bluffler’s Park Toronto, Port Credit, Oakville, Hamiton, Fifty Point, Grimsby, Port Dalhousie, Port Weller and Niagara-on-the-lake. Also covers a trip northbound on the Welland Canal which takes the cruising sailor from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, bypassing Niagara Falls.
48 mins

$29.95 C474DVD

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