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Mexico's Diving & Vacation Guide

The overwhelming number of great vacation opportunities in Mexico can often make it hard to make a choice. This fast paced video guide will let you pick and choose from traditional destinations such as Cancun, Acapulco, The Sea of Cortez and Cozumel. It also introduces you to a new world of excitement at Playa del Carmen, Ixtapa and many others. 30 min.
$19.95 D1196WS

Cozumel - With Travelview

Dive the famous Plane Wreck, feed huge tame groupers on Paradise Reef, drift along the canyons of Santa Rosa by day and join the nightlife of San Miguel at night for a nonstop diver's fiesta! 50 min.
$19.95 D157WS

Diving & Snorkeling Guide To Cozumel - Book

With the best diving in the world, here's your personal guide to enjoying it.
$14.95 BPC204WS

Cozumel Island - Dreamers Paradise

Dive the famous reefs of Cozumel and experience the charm of this early Mayan settlement. 30 min.
$19.95 D1158WS

Palancar Reef

Many say that Cozumel is the best diving in the world. Sample some of the great dives that Cozumel, the "Mexican Riviera" offers. 30 min.
$19.95 D149WS

Marina Aqua Rey - Cancun

Hot boats, high flying para-sails, marvelous scuba diving and beautiful people make up one of Mexico's foremost hot spots. Dive the "Island of Women" with Scuba World and explore the wonders of a mangrove forest. 30 min.
$19.95 D1137WS

Playa Del Carmen

Playacar Resort Divers have a whole new world of diving to explore and are the first to find a great new reef. 30 min.
$19.95 D1136WS
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