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Bob Soto's Diving In The Cayman Islands

Bob Soto is the largest dive operator in the Caribbean and knows how to plan the dive vacation of a lifetime, both ashore and underwater at all levels from economy travel to sublime luxury. Superb underwater footage. 60 min.
$24.95 D1178WS

Cayman Trilogy - Paradise Found

A special look at the Cayman Islands over a period of several years by the Scuba World Diving Crew. Diving, points of interest, history, characters and much more. 30 min.
$19.95 D147WS

Seacam's - Grand Cayman

Visit Grand Cayman the most popular dive site in the world. Ship wrecks, virgin walls, shoals of tarpon and the friendliest stingrays in the sea at Stringray City. 30 min.
$19.95 D558WS

Seaview - Cayman

This is fabulous beach diving with over 100 foot visability. See just how easy a diving vacation can be as you cruise through tunnel caverns just fifty yards from your door. 30 min.
$19.95 D1170WS

Cayman Islands - The New Fast Manta

For years Captain Briggs had named his diving vessels after the rays that inhabit Grand Cayman's waters. Dive the east, south and north walls all in one day. 30 min.
$19.95 D1145WS

Cayman's East End - Diving Lodge

Almost forgotten, the birth place of Grand Cayman where diving is now a new hot spot. Great people and a remote feeling combine to make this a wonderful vacation spot. 30 min.
$19.95 D1144WS

Dive Cayman

Visit the beautiful and bizarre area of Planet Ocean known as "Stingray City" and discover all the sights and sounds above and below the surface of the world's most unique dive spots. 30 min.
$19.95 D745WS
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