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Belize - As Time Goes By

Ambergris Key has some of the world's greatest diving. In this laid back corner of Belize, dive, snorkel or simply relax in this fabulous resort area. 30 min.
$19.95 D1147WS

Seacam's Belize, Cozumel

Dive the world's second largest barrier reef, the remote islands and outer reefs of Long Island. Half moon Cay and the famed Blue Hole stretching from Cozumel through Belize and the Bay Islands plus exciting Curacao! 30 min.
$19.95 D557WS

Belize - Naui Journey's End

In order to entice new divers to the sport, NAUl recruited the services of Mr. Ed Begley Jr., Hollywood star, ecologist and diving enthusiast. Join Ed and the crew for a great new introduction to snorkeling, plus outstanding Belize diving. 30 min.
$19.95 D1148WS

Belize - Cay Bokel

The Dutch call this island "Cay Bokel" meaning "the elbow." Dive the wall of this wild life refuge and see tumultuous schools of pelagic fish. Also visit one of the outposts of the diving world, Turneffe Island. Remote diving at its best. 30 min.
$19.95 D1159WS
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