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The Scuba Diving Video library is the most complete collection of dive instruction, dive destination, underwater photography, wreck and treasure diving videos available.

Discover the wonders of the underwater world and the mysteries and magic of the ocean depths. Teaching hundreds of vital tips these instructional video guides give you a real feel for operating your boat in the dock, marina and out at sea.

Learn To Dive - The Open Water Experience

One of the best "Learn To Dive" videos. Shot in Florida, this video teaches you all the techniques to get certified as a Scuba Diver. An excellent introduction for the novice and the perfect way for seasonal divers to keep their skills from rusting. 50 min.
$29.95 D505WS

Scuba: The First Time

This is a superb dive instructional video with Australia's Paul Mugglestone. A great aid to those who are learning to dive and will help you through all the instruction techniques used by your dive instructor. 49 min.
$29.95 D504WS

Underwater Navigation Made Easy

Learn to orient yourself and navigate underwater. This tape covers the most effective methods of self orientation, including compass use, underwater landmarks, tide and drift control plus safety procedures. You will never get lost with this tape! 30 min.
$29.95 D343WS

Scuba Video Refresher Course

The first complete review of basic scuba diving techniques and safe practices available on videocassette. Includes segments on health and physical fitness, basic pool training, diving hazards, advanced pool training and open water diving. 36 min.
$24.95 D341WS

How To Use Dive Tables

Here is a video review of the correct use of the U.S. Navy's Dive Tables, from which all approved sport dive tables are derived. Includes segments on guidelines for using dive table's, definition of terms, sample problems, dive tables and a repetitive dive planning guide. 36 min.
$24.95 D342WS

Learn Snorkeling

A great way to become an expert snorkeller! This video covers in-depth instruction and easy to follow demonstrations on basic snorkeling, advanced skin-diving techniques and open water snorkeling. An excellent way to make your next expedition safer and more enjoyable. 29 min.
$29.95 W340WS
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