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Cruising Catalina And The San Clemente Islands

Join the crew of the "Hubba Hubba" as they embark on a voyage to Catalina. Details on trip planning, preparation, sailing conditions, anchorages, harbors, facilities, dive and fishing spots and possible hazards. 60 min.
$29.95 C410DVD

Baja Passage

Come aboard the 30' Catalina "Hubba Hubba" for a 1,000 mile south of the border cruise to the tip of Baja California and round to La Paz. See equipment selection, route planning, stop-overs and breathtaking aerial footage. 80 min.
$24.95 C320DVD


This cruising guide covers all the navigation, harbor, anchorage and facility details plus places to go and see. 60 min.
$24.95 C430DVD

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