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The Bahamas - The Available Paradise

"An excellent guide covering geography, hydrography, climate, facilities & accommodations."

The Bahamian islands offer a variety of boating and water-related recreational opportunities. World-class fishing, unparalleled diving and safe, but challenging sailing are just a few of these activities. Covers close up looks of Grand Bahamas, the Abacos, Bimini, the Berrys, Nassau, Eleuthera, the Exumas and Cat Island. 60 min.

$29.95 C338DVD

The Abacos - Cruising Little Bahamas Bank

"A must for anyone planning a cruise to the Abacos."

The Abacos Island is the largest of 700 that make up the Bahamas. A cruising paradise of protected water, white beaches and dozens of anchorage's. Starting at Walker's Cay in the northwest, this tape covers every cay of every size from the beautiful Double Breasted Cay to Treasure Cay, Green Turtle, Man 'O War, Elbow Cay, Marsh Harbor and many others in this detailed guide for the entire area. 60 min.

$29.95 C353DVD

Cruising The Bahamas With Paul and Sheryl Shard

If you are dreaming of a cruise to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas this delightful video will wet your appetite for adventure! Using unique underwater footage, discover techniques for anchoring and piloting the shallow waters of the Bahamas. Discover local destinations, learn to interpret the weather and find protected anchorages. 60 min.

$29.95 C523DVD



SAVE $10! Reg. $59.85 Get All 3 For ONLY $49.85. 3 DVD Set: Billfish: The Bahamas An Overview, The Bahamas Berry Islands, The Bahamas Abacos.

$ 49.85 BAH3DVD

The Bahamas Cruising Series

With this captivating series you have the "chance of a lifetime" to discover this island paradise through the eyes of the Islanders themselves! Aside from offering a complete guide to all the world famous attractions, beautiful beaches and best watersports is that it makes you feel like an islander without leaving home! This is the best guide to all the sights, sounds, culture, sailing, fishing, boating, diving and watersports.

The Bahamas - An Overview

45 min.
$19.95 C479DVD

The Bahamas - Berry Islands

45 min.

$19.95 C480DVD

The Bahamas - Abacos

45 min.

$19.95 C481DVD
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