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Secrets Of The Party Boat Captains - New Jersey

These Jersey Shore Skippers are the most experienced in the country. This is a "no-bones" approach to everything from knot tying to filleting your catch, from anchoring to Loran coordinates and everything in between. For everyone who is serious about their fishing. 120 min.
$29.95 F916DVD

East Cape Escape

As one of the hottest spots for dorado and marlin, East Cape provides an excellent classroom for the latest saltwater fly and light tackle fishing techniques. 48 min.
$24.95 F3645DVD

DVD Secrets of The Outerbanks

The charter boat captains of North Carolinas Outer Banks have spent decades learning the tricks of their trade. The best fishing locations, best bait and best tackle to use. See action footage plus tips and techniques on surf fishing. A must before your next Outer Banks trip. 60 mins
$19.95 F3618DVD


$19.95 F3615DVD

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