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Basic Knots

Follow the experts in this detailed program covering over 18 knots and splices. Includes step-by-step instructions on how to master the techniques of tying all types of line and rope including knots, hitches and bends. Covers figure 8, square knot, clove & rolling hitch, bowline, 3 strand braid, half hitch, ring bowline, cleat hitch, double sheet bend & more. 30 min.
$24.95 H112DVD

Teach Yourself Knots & Splices

Learn at your own speed how to tie all the basic knots. Covers the bowline, sheet bend, figure 8, round turn, reef knot, clove hitch and rolling hitch. 60 min.

$34.95 H608DVD

DVD Scott's Knots - Learn How To Tie Knots & Hitches

A Clear Concise Guide To Great Nautical Knots - Will have you tying your own knots like a seasoned pro in no time! Join host, Scott Baker, as he teaches you step-by-step, how to tie a wide variety of knots & hitches & shows you exactly how to use them to enhance your your boating knowledge & enjoyment. Includes the figure 8, bowlin', reef, eye splice and many more. Minutes: 30 mins
Price: $19.95 H610DVD
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