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Boating Videos and DVDs

Best Sellers

DVD Back to the Basics of Boating: Improving Your Boating Skills & Knowledge

$34.95 H4593DVD

DVD Back to the Basics of Boating: What To Do When Things Go Wrong & How to Prevent Them

$34.95 H4594DVD

DVD The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips

$27.95 H4595DVD

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USCG (Six-Pack) and 100-Ton Master

All the information you'll need to help you get your USCG Captains License Advanced Piloting & Rules of the Road!

The Coast Guard License is internationally recognized as one of the ultimate tests of boating ability. It will not only give you the freedom to carry paying passengers on your own vessel, but can be the ticket to many high paying and exciting jobs in the marine world. This program is ideal for mariners seeking a US Coast Guard License as Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (Six Pack), or 100 Ton Master. To obtain a license, specific requirements are required. Licenses are usually awarded based on the number of years of sailing experience and the tonnage that the licensee can handle.

If you are planning to take paying passengers on your boat, you will need to pass the U.S. Coast Guard captain's exam. This program teaches all the information needed to prepare, study and pass the test. Not only does it cover the essentials of the license test, but it is the definitive program of the complete Rules of the Road, Advanced Piloting and much more. With detailed advice and exam practice, this program is your companion guide to passing the test and securing your license.

Subjects Covered Include
• Introduction
• Rules of the Road
• Right of Way
• Signals
• Arc & Visibility of Lights
• Pecking Order
• Lights & Dayshapes
• Distress Signals
• Navigation in General
• Tides
• Seamanship in General
• Marlinspike Seamanship
• Boat Handling
• Safety
• Regulations
• Stability
• Chart Navigation

53 min.
UPC: 097278003949
SRP: $44.95

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Digital Streaming Price 7 Days
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100 Boating Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Learning FROM your mistakes is definitely the hard way to go about improving your boating skills. Doing things correctly is sometimes just a matter of not doing things wrong. This program includes a checklist of common mistakes & larger mistakes that you want to be sure to avoid. Subjects covered include: running aground, wasting fuel, getting lost at sea, loosing someone overboard, running out of fuel, colliding with another vessel, getting lost in fog, getting sea sick, getting caught in bad weather, fires onboard, extra pounding in heavy seas, electrical failures & anchoring problems. 50 mins
$34.95 H457DVD

BoatCamp: Boating Fundamentals

Regardless of age, enjoyable boating is tied to knowledge, experience & attitude. Captain Marc and his crew, with the help of members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, sailing instructors & state certified marine educators, teach boating fundamentals related to safety, the law, operation & the language of boating. 90 mins

$34.95 H4590DVD

Boating At Night

Produced in association with BOATING MAGAZINE. For boaters who want to enjoy the adventure of cruising after dark. Learn how to avoid problems at night, how to see and be seen in the dark and how to safely pilot your boat. Includes tips on plotting, running your course, using radar and electronic charts. Plus onboard lights, piloting procedures and night vision equipment. 40 mins

$29.95 H460DVD

Boating Basics

This program is the complete video encyclopedia of boating for beginners covering the same information covered in State Boating courses.

Covers information on choosing the right boats, boating laws, navigation rules and aids, getting underway and how to come back safely from each outing. A perfect program that will provide you with a complete introduction to boating. 75 mins

$29.95 H600DVD

Boating Inland Waters

Far more boating takes place on inland waterways than offshore waters. Some of the best cruising is found on networks of inland lakes and rivers and interconnecting waterways. In the United States, there are more than 30,000 miles of inland navigable waterways. In addition, there are numerous isolated rivers and thousands of lakes suitable for small boat recreation. Covers: Pilot Rules for Inland Waters, river boating, state boating laws, planning the cruise, aids to navigation, river piloting, lake boating, avoiding fog, lake piloting, river seamanship, canal boating, avoiding shoals & rocks. 2004 Release. 75 mins

$34.95 H4588DVD

DVD Back to the Basics of Boating: Boating Basics for New Boat Owners & Experienced Skippers

Includes downloadable forms for pre-launch checklist, float plan and creating your boating profile.

A comprehensive guide to the Basics of Boating for first-time boat owners as well as experienced skippers with easy to understand instruction on a variety of boating subjects.

Subjects covered include: navigation aids, getting underway, docking, fueling, trailering, safety gerar, outboard power & propulsion, winterizing, regular maintenance, basic navigation, marlinspike seamanship and much more.

Plus professional marine surveyors give tips on buying a used boat and fiberglass experts and detailers give tips on gel coat repairs and putting a new shine on an old boat. 80 mins

$34.95 H4592DVD

DVD Powerboat Navigation with World Renowned Expert John Rousmaniere

Hosted by World renowned expert John Rousmaniere.

Learn Navigation Rules, Plotting Bearings, Chart & Compass, Radar & GPS & much more! Produced in cooperation with the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD. This program teaches the step-by-step techniques for navigating with both classic dead reckoning piloting and electronic navigation instruments.

Clear demonstrations are shown on the water and the simular of a Coast Guard certified navigation school. Detailed close-ups, graphics and imaginative presenations of how objects appear on the chart, radar scope and water are shown in both good and bad visibility.

Subjects Covered Include: The chart and compass. GPS satellite navigation. Radar for navigating & avoiding collisions. The navigation rules. Taking & plotting bearings. Allowing for tidal current. Navigating in fog & at night. Tips & tricks for making quick decisions.

JOHN ROUSMANIERE, is the author of the highly praised, THE ANNAPOLIS BOOK OF SEAMANSHIP -68 mins

$34.95 N375DVD

DVD The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips

Hundreds of must-have boating tips with amazing video and stunning 3D graphics!

The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD includes over 31/2 hours of video and thousands of tips gleaned from experts and veteran boating enthusiasts alike.
If you have a boat or if you're thinking about getting a boat or just know someone with a boat, you need the Encyclopedia of Boating Tips.

Expert Tips and Tricks Include:

Basic Skills
Basic Electricity
Gauges, panels, shorepower

Basic Tools
Galvanic Corrosion
Hardware & Cordage

Rules of the Road
Binoculars, Charts, Guides

Computers, phones
Depth Sounders
Entertainment, family radios

Life jackets with bonus explanation
Safety harness
Distress signals
Life rafts -- EPIRBS
Fire extinguishers
Lightning Protection
55 mins

$27.95 H4595DVD

On The Water Boating Tips

"If you're looking for a basic introduction to boating skills, On The Water Boating Tips is your video!"
- Boating Magazine

An excellent guide teaching vital tips that will make your next boating adventure exciting, fun and safe.

Covers anchoring, maneuvering, GPS, docking, un-docking, rules of the road and much more.
40 mins

$29.95 H8384DVD

Boating Tips DVD Set

Top 60 Tips & 100 Boating Mistakes. Learn how to handle your boat in open water and close quarters along with over 100 of the most common boating mistakes & how to avoid them. SAVE $10.00!


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