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Join Captain Cefus McRae and Captain Mack Farr as they share a new method for hooking up deepwater stripers. Improve your success on the water with this proven strategy including tactics, tackle and rigging techniques as well as tips on interpreting sonar and bottom features. Locating and catching deepwater fish in the summertime can be a challenge for even the most avid anglers. This program provides insight on reservoir fishing, but these Power Reeling techniques are equally effective on a variety of freshwater and saltwater species.Teaches: Trolling tactics to locate fish, Power reeling techniques, Rods, reels and rigs, Leadcore tips, Interpreting sonar and more.
32 min.

$34.95 F8873DVD

How To Catch Black Sea Bass

Board the charter boat "High Hopes" while Dr. Jim shows you the tackle used to capture one of the most delicious specimens of saltwater fish. 30 min.

$19.95 F3690DVD


Improve Your Bass Angling Success! Bass behavior is specifically affected by environmental conditions and smart anglers know how to use this to their advantage. Here is a comprehensive look at how bass act and how they are affected by frontal weather systems and associated barometric pressure. Filled with professional tips and advice on locations and conditions the information contained in this program will enable the angler to out fox the fish even under some of the most adverse conditions. Subjects Covered Include: Weather, Water Temperature, PH Levels of Water, Water Current, Air Pressure Systems, Turbidity, Wind Velocity/Direction.
30 mins

$19.95 F809DVD

DVD How To Catch Striped Bass

Teaches tips on rods, reels, tackle & how to catch!

Striped Bass are one of the most sought after and one of the most elusive species. Dr. Jim shares his secrets of catching this white fish and also shows you how to prepare them for a gormet feast. Follow the action from tackle to the table and watch as scores of this great gamefish are taken on light tackle and released.52 mins.

$24.95 F3691DVD

DVD How To Catch Striped Bass Vol. 2

In this exciting and informative DVD, Dr. Jim adds tips and techniques developed since volume one. With the advent of new rods, reels and tackle, Dr. Jim has done the testing for you and gives you the results.

Exclusive to this DVD, master chef Greg Burroughs of Johnson and Wales University, prepares a gourmet meal. The complete recipie is also included. 52 mins

$24.95 F3982DVD

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