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Our Set Up is Easy!

1. Apply and be accepted into the Bennett Marine Affiliate Program.
2. We will send you a special Affiliate Code when you are accepted.
3. This Code will identify the affiliate sales that are generated from your website Links.
4. Choose and download a banner, button, or tag Link from the Image Links section.
5. Choose a text Link from the Text Links section. (Optional)
6. Add your Affiliate Code and your email address to the sample HTML document as shown below.
7. Upload the HTML document files and images to your ISP.
8. Set up complete. You'll earn 10% commission on every sale generated by your Links.

You may place as many Images or Text Links on your website as you'd like. You can choose to refer customers to our home page,, or any other page on our website.

Setup Instructions

All Links will contain an HTML document. You will need to make simple changes to our sample HTML document before uploading the Links to your ISP.

Sample HTML Document

<a href="
<img src="tag120x30Animation.gif" width="120" height="30" alt="" border="0"></a>

image name: tag120x30Animation.gif

a. First replace CODE with the special Affiliate Code that we assigned to you.

b. Then replace with your email address.
Note: this MUST be the email address that you listed in your Affiliate Application. Every time a sale is generated from your website Link, you will be sent an email notifying you that the sale took place and the Subtotal for the order. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the correct and working email address is used in your Link.

c. - directs customers to our home page.
You may direct customers to whichever page on our website you choose. For example, if you pick an Image Link that promotes our Fishing Videos, you may choose to direct customers to our fishing page. You would replace the home page URL with the fishing page URL ''

d. Choose an Image Link
Pick and download an image from the Image Links section. Your website visitors will click-through to Bennett Marine Video by clicking on this image.

e. Add the name of this image after <img src=" in your HTML document.
Our sample HTML document lists the banner image 'tag120x30Animation.gif'. You may change this image to any of the images provided in the Image Links section.

Here is an example of an image advertising Bennett Marine Video's Fishing Videos.

image name: tag120x30Fishing.gif

Replace the image named 'tag120x30Animation.gif' with the new image 'tag120x30Fishing.gif' to change the image displayed in your Link.

After you download an image from our website, you'll want to upload that image to your ISP so it will appear on your website. Contact your ISP for instructions for uploading your website's HTML files and images.

Product Picture Link

You may create a Picture Link to any video on our website. Download the video box cover image and refer customers to the specific page URL for that video.

Here is an example of how a product picture link might look in your HTML document:

<a href="
<img src="F820thumb.jpg" width="56" height="90" alt="" border="0"></a>

<a href="
Look Mom I'm Fishing</a> F820WS $19.95

And what it will look like on your webpage:

Look Mom I'm Fishing F820WS $19.95

Sample Text Link

<a href="
a=CODE^">Click Here to Order Boating Videos</a>

a. Replace CODE with the special Affiliate Code that we assigned to you.
b. Replace with your email address.

See the Text Links section for further examples and set up details.
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