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SAVE $20.00!
Reg. $99.85 3 DVD Set
ONLY $79.85

Includes: Catch More Fish, Finding the Spot & Offshore Fishing Techniques
No matter what boat or sonar, you can improve your catch by correctly interpreting & understanding your fishfinder. Learn how to interpret the sonar returns shown on a fishfinder's display in a step-by-step, easy to understand way. Plus learn the ABC's of how to use your electronics to find where the fish are, along with the tips, tricks & techniques for digging up grouper, snapper & triggerfish.

• Transducers & Cone Angle
• Receiver & Display
• Range & Frequency
• Gain & Fish Arches
• Flashers & Zooming
• White/Gray Line
• Side Imaging
• Anchoring & drift position over prime fish territory
• Transducer placement
• Water temperature & clarity
• Rigs & knots
• Bait rigging
• Trolling artificials

120 mins.

$79.85 SFPRO3DVD

NEW! Fishing Fantasy DVD Set
SAVE $10.00!

Reg. $59.90 2 DVD Set ONLY $49.90

Includes: Beauty & the Billfish, Fishin' With The Big'uns

Worlds First Fishing Fantasies – Mature Audiences Only!
• Fantastic billfish action, expert instruction & a stimulating blend of beautiful tanned   bodies, the sun & sea!
• Two lusty, busty Texas girls beat a fisherman at pool winning a bass fishing trip
• Out on the lake the girls decide to throw caution & their clothes to the wind!


NEW! Fishing Big Game DVD Set
SAVE $10.00!

Reg. $69.90 2 DVD Set ONLY $59.90

Includes: Big Game Fishing: Marlin, Tuna, Dolphin, Big Game Fishing: Offshore Methods

• Trolling, baits & migratory habits
• Tackle & landing techniques to catch tuna, dolphin & big game
• How to fool the fish into striking from the basics to advanced methods & techniques
• Big game tackle
• Trolling speed & set up
• Lures & bait
• Hooking, finding & landing marlin


NEW! Saltwater Fishing 101 DVD Set
SAVE $10.00!

Reg. $59.90 2 DVD Set ONLY $49.90

Includes: Fishing Knots, Saltwater 101 For Beginners

• Fishing knots for saltwater & freshwater
• Step-by-step procedures & visual close-ups
• Improved clinch, Palomar knot, Spider hitch & Offshore swivel knot
• Uni-knot, Surgeon’s end loop, Dropper loop, Bimini twist, Jansik special, Blood knot & Surgeon’s knot.
• Techniques for boat, shore, surf & pier fishing
• Different rods & reels
• Types of line
• Hooks & sinkers


NEW! Tuna Tips DVD Set
SAVE $10.00!

Reg. $69.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $59.85

Includes: How to Catch Tuna, Battle of the Big Tuna, Tuna, Tuna, Tuna

• Tips & techniques for catching yellowfin & bluefin tuna
• Expert advice from captains & charter boats
• Migratory habits & tackle selection
• Tackle tips & landing techniques
• Electronics & everything needed to beat the yellowfin
• Stand-up fishing techniques


NEW! Saltwater Fishing DVD Set
SAVE $10.00!

Reg. $69.90 2 DVD Set ONLY $59.90

Includes: Rigging, Trolling Natural & Strip Baits, How to Go Saltwater Fishing

• All the techniques & procedures to rig the most popular natural & artificial strip baits
• Rigging Balleyhoo, Mullet & Mackerel to catch big game species
• How baits should run if properly rigged & trolled
• Saltwater species including inshore, bottom fishing, mid-range & offshore
• How to pick tackle & where to fish
• Rigging the best lures, baits & hooks
• How to catch the most popular species of sport fish
• Rod handling & filleting


NEW! Fishing Success DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $104.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $84.85

Includes: Rods, Reels & Rigs, Catch Big Fish From Small Boats, Offshore Fishing

• How to catch any species of fish from a small boat, properly equipped
• Different hull types (skiffs, deep vee, multi-hull)
• Tackle options, bait, trolling, drifting, anchoring
• Playing & landing the fish
• Tips, tricks & techniques for digging up grouper, snapper & triggerfish
• Rigs & knots
• Bait rigging & trolling artificials
• How to “find the spot” with sonar
• Tips for fishing success
• Choosing the right rods
• Matching rod & reel
• Line selection
• Spool line, set drags & reduce line twist
• Bottom rigs, topwater plugs
• Trolling, outriggers & downriggers
• Classic lures & rigs that will put “fish in the box!”


NEW! Fishing Tactics DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $139.80 4 DVD Set ONLY $119.80

Includes: Catch Big Fish From Small Boats, Rods, Reels & Rigs, How to Find Where the Fish Are, When Fish Won't Bite

• The ABC’s of how to use electronics to find where the fish are
• Anchoring, drifting & boat positioning over prime fish territory
• Transducer placement
• Water temperature & clarity
• Reading charts to help you find fish location
• How to use umbrella rigs
• Trolling secrets, knots & rigs
• Fighting techniques
• Live, natural & artificial baits
• How to read the water
• Understanding weather conditions
• Tides & current – effecting fish feeding patterns
• How to catch any species of fish from a small boat, properly equipped
• Different hull types (skiffs, deep vee, multi-hull)
• Tackle options, bait, trolling, drifting, anchoring
• Playing & landing the fish
• Choosing the right rods
• Matching rod & reel
• Line selection
• Spool line, set drags & reduce line twist
• Bottom rigs, topwater plugs
• Trolling, outriggers & downriggers
• Classic lures & rigs that will put “fish in the box!”


Fishing the Chesapeake Bay

This stretch of water crosses the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and attracts a large variety of species. Discover how to catch each species including: Cobia, Black Drum, Red Drum, Flounder, Trout, Bluefish, Spadefish and Striped Bass.


$24.95 F3983DVD


The Gulf of Mexico is one of the World’s best fishing destinations. This program looks at the regions habitat and the fish that thrive there starting with the inshore species and progressing offshore to the deep, blue water. Discover the preferred location, seasons, fishing methods, strategies & techniques for the many species of fish found in the Gulf.


$29.95 F8858DVD


Learn How to Rig Balleyhoo, Mullet & Mackerel to Catch Big Game Fish. Learn all the techniques & procedures to rig some of the most popular natural & artificial strip baits. This program teaches the step-by-step procedures for rigging Balleyhoo, Mullet & Mackerel to catch big game species of saltwater fish. Close up shots of each bait being trolled in the water show you how baits should run if properly rigged and trolled. This allows for specific applications depending on the method of fishing you are using and the species you are trying to catch.


$34.95 F8869DVD


The fresher the bait, the better the catch! Saltwater fish eat live baitfish day in and day out. Rigging them so they look and act natural when used as bait can be challenging. This program teaches easy to follow rigging techniques and methods of trolling live baitfish such as menhaden, mullet, pinfish, round scad, snappers and blue runners along with how to catch bait using a multi-lure or multi-hook rig. Also teaches chumming, trolling natural reefs, boat speed control, plus the best methods for casting shrimp nets & how to catch baitfish using a cast net.

$34.95 F8861DVD


For Both Saltwater & Freshwater Fishing. Detailed instructions, step-by-step procedures & visual close-ups make it simple for you to learn how to tie the most complex of knots. This program covers 16 fishing knots that once mastered will allow you to handle any fishing situation for any species of fish. Covers: Improved clinch, Palomar knot, Spider hitch, Offshore swivel knot, Uni-knot to terminal tackle, Uni-Knot loop connection, Surgeon's end loop, Dropper loop, Bimini twist, Jansik special, Blood knot, Surgeon's knot & more.

$29.95 F8870DVD


Shark, Cobia,Tarpon, King Mackerel. This instructional program provides specific techniques for catching four species of popular fish found in inshore saltwater - Shark, Cobia, Tarpon & the King Mackerel. Discover all the tricks, techniques, tackle, baits, rig, artificial lures, hooks & weights, rods and reel, equipment needed along with expert advice locating habitats, chumming and the best methods to tease each species into striking. The program ends with some action footage of king mackerel, commonly called "Kingfish" taken on light tackle by anchoring & chumming.

$34.95 F8860DVD


Tackle, Techniques, Boats & Destinations. Discover all the types of saltwater fishing including inshore, bottom fishing, mid-range and offshore including how to pick tackle, where to fish, rigging the best lures, baits & hooks & how to catch for the most popular species of sport fish. Plus detailed information on baits, rod handling, filleting & tips on how to go about finding a charter boat and crew.

116 MINS

$34.95 F8859DVD


You can catch virtually any species of fish from a small boat that is correctly equipped. This program begins by emphasizing safety on the water, float plans, preparation, weather considerations, communications & includes valuable information, tips, techniques & practical information for the seasoned angler and those who fish every day. Discover different hull types (skiffs, deep vee, multi-hull), tackle options, bait, trolling/drifting/anchoring, playing and landing the fish, plus operational topics which include the rule of 1/3’s for fuel, weight/load considerations, organizing & planning your trip.


$34.95 F8857DVD


Selecting the right tackle can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what is right for your style of fishing & the species you are targeting. This program covers the spectrum of saltwater tackle & rigs, from inshore to offshore with detailed focus on specific tips & techniques to get the most out of your tackle. Professional captains & experienced anglers provide in-depth instruction including: choosing the right rod, matching rod & reel, line selection, correct way to spool line, set drags and reduce line twist, matching your tackle to your quarry, bottom rigs, topwater plugs, trolling, outriggers & downriggers plus classic lures & rigs that will consistently put fish in the box!

$34.95 F8856DVD

DVD The Better Half of Fishing - How to Guide for Women

The How-To Guide for Anglers! This program takes the fear and intimidation out of fishing for women who want to learn to fish or those that want to improve the skills they have. Hosted by women to deliver topics from a woman’s point of view. This program covers it all from tackle to landing to cleaning your catch of the day. Women enjoy fishing just as much as men, but often feel intimidated or overwhelmed when it comes to learning the basic fishing skills. This program provides easy to understand examples and techniques with women anglers in the starring roles! Subjects covered include: Safety & responsible boating, fishing basics, tackle, rods & reels, knots & rigs, bait & lure selection, inshore, nearshore, offshore fishing, playing the fish, fish cleaning tips, and Much More! Plus downloadable forms, your boating profile, pre-launch checklist, float plans & recipes.
90 mins.

$34.95 F8855DVD


There is much more in using a fighting chair to land large big game species than sitting down and pulling on the rod. There is also a considerable amount of coordination necessary between the captain, mate and angler if a crew is consistently successful in landing big fish. However, first and foremost you need to find and fool the fish into striking. This program offers a world of information on just how to do this from the very basics to the most advanced methods, strategies and techniques. Subects Covered Include: Basics of Big Game Fishing: Big game tackle, How to use the fighting chair, Trolling setups, Captain, mate & angler responsibilities, Boat setups. Big Game Fishing Technique: Finding blue marlin, Selecting lures & baits, Incredible blue marlin action, Lure sizes & colors, Hooking, fighting & landing marlin. Guide to Offshore Fishing Technique: Using teasers, Using daisy chains, Trolling speeds, Using sonar & chartplotters, Using live, natural & artificial baits, Blue, white & black marlin, Tuna, dolphin & wahoo. 120 mins.

$34.95 F8854DVD

DVD Nearshore Boating & Fishing: Getting Started

What every angler needs to know to improve their nearshore fishing strategy. Teaches rod designs, tackle, rigs, bait, lure selection & fishing techniques. Plus launching & loading your boat, safety gear, boat handling and much more.
40 mins.

$34.95 F8841DVD

DVD Offshore Fishing: Deep Dwellers

Learn the tips, tricks & techniques for digging up grouper, snapper and triggerfish. Teaches rigs and knots, bait rigging, trolling artificials, how to "find the spot" with sonar and many more valuable tips for fishing success.
40 mins.

$34.95 F8842DVD

DVD Fishing: When Fish Won't Bite

When normal fishing tactics don't work, this program reveals secret tips & tricks to increase your odds. Teaches; how to use umbrella rigs, trolling secrets, knots & rigs, fighting techniques, live, natural & artificial baits, how to read the water, understanding weather conditions, tides & current that affect fish feeding patterns.
40 mins.

$34.95 F8843DVD

DVD Fishing: Finding the Spot

Finding where fish are & understanding what lies beneath the surface is a key element in sportfishing. This program provides the ABC's of how to use your electronics to find the spot. Covers anchoring, drifting & boat positioning over prime fish territory, transducer placement, water temperature & clarity, reading charts to provide insight to help you find where fish are.
40 mins.

$34.95 F8844DVD

Inshore & Nearshore Fishing DVD Set

Inshore Fishing Back to Basics & Nearshore Fishing Getting Started. Excellent tips & techniques along with on-the-water instruction to improve your fishing strategy & success. Reg. $69.90 BUY both for ONLY $59.90.

169 mins.


Fishing Tips & Tricks DVD Set

When Fish Won't Bite & Finding the Spot. Finding where the fish are & understanding what lies beneath the surface are key elements in sportfishing. This set reveals the secret tips & tricks to increase your odds & how to find out where the fish are. Reg. $69.90 BUY both for ONLY $59.90.

80 mins.


100 Saltwater Fishing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

This program teaches 100 common & not so common mistakes that you must try to avoid in order to make you a better angler. Learn how to; avoid setting drags incorrectly, getting hooked, getting your line broken, incorrectly rigging baits, loosing fish at the boat, trolling in areas void of fish, failing to consider the tide, fishfinder problems, failing to check the weather, incorrectly landing fish, not being able to find waypoints & using the wrong bait. 2004 Release - Pre-Order Now! 50 min.
$34.95 F8832DVD

How To Filet Fish

Dr. Jim demonstrates the way to filet saltwater fish from tuna to spadefish. If it's edible, we'll show you how to prepare it for the chef. 57 min.

$24.95 F3692DVD

DVD Captain Franks Fishing Secrets - How To Catch Grouper & Snapper

A veteran Captain shares his Grouper & Snapper secrets.

Grouper and Snapper are not hard fish to catch if you know what to do. In this informative program, Captain Frank teaches the techniques to make your fishing better, more fun and provides the tips to catching more fish - the easy way.

With GPS great fishing locations are located and with the help of electronics the fish finder locates where the fish are. Watch Captain Frank bait up and see the action start.

If you want to fill your cooler with Snapper and Grouper - this is the program for you!

Tips & Techniques Include:
Catching & using live bait.
Choosing your location.
How to find fishing spots.
Using your electronics.
Rod & reel selection & set up.
Lures & line.
Hooks (Circle Hooks).
Live bait.
Artificial bait.
Trolling.30 min.
$29.95 F8834DVD

DVD Inshore Fishing & Boating: The Comprehensive Guide to Inshore Fishing Tactics, Tackle & Techniques

Over 2 hours of exciting inshore fishing and boating!

Back To The Basics of Inshore Fishing & Boating is the comprehensive guide to inshore fishing and boating providing serious, in-depth information for both novice and experienced anglers to help improve your success on the water.

Expert guides and industry experts reveal their tips and techniques for catching fish under the best and worst, circumstances with real-world examples and on-the-water instruction.

Topics include:
Shallow water fishing, coastal fishing, bait selection, trip planning, safety, inshore boats & power,reading the current, tips on tackle, rigs & tackle, useful knots, rod & reel options and proven fishing tactics.

Plus bonus float plan, pre-launch checklist and great recipies! 127 min.
$34.95 F8840DVD


The charter boat captains of North Carolinas Outer Banks have spent decades learning the tricks of their trade. The best fishing locations, best bait and best tackle to use. See action footage plus tips and techniques on surf fishing. A must before your next Outer Banks trip.

$24.95 F3618DVD


DVD Tips & Techniques For Rigging Circle Hooks

A must have for any angler!
A highly informative and visually exciting program teaching anglers the proper techniques for rigging circle hooks. For centuries, fishermen in the South Pacific have been using the circle hook. It has evolved and become the preference for commercial fisheries and the wise choice of billfisherman, especially those aiming to release their catch.
This instructional video teaches the proper techniques for rigging circle hooks with bait for billfishing and is a must-have for any angler wanting to see the proven ways of rigging bait.
Minutes: 25 mins

$24.95 F8829DVD


DVD How To Rig Your Boat For Fishing

You won’t catch many fish unless your boats rigged right!

Discover how to rig boats with Þghting chairs, outriggers, downriggers, rod holders, rocket launchers, swivels and towed reels.
Minutes: 60 mins

$24.95 F393DVD


It's been said that it takes a thousand casts to catch a Speckled Trout. In this DVD discover how to narrow those odds. Learn the best tackle, the right rods, reels, hook and lures and what natural bait works best. Also learn how to find Speckled Trout and the best casting and retrieving techniques to catch them. Get tips about fishfinder rigs, which lures to use in which waters and where to catch your own natural bait.


$24.95 F3986DVD

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