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Learn exactly what you need to know to catch Swordfish both day and night. This program takes you through all the steps to catch Swordfish along with all the equipment you'll need to land these monsters! Loaded with valuable information discover how you can easily catch 3 to 5 Swordfish on an evening trip when Swordfish are typically located 50 to 250 feet below the surface. It also reviews Daytime techniques (which are typically more difficult) using an Electric assisted reel for fishing in deeper water (1,200 to 2,000 feet) along with bait and tackle selection. Subjects Covered Include:

• Rod & Reel Selection - FIN NOR Rods and FIN NOR Santiago 50 wide reels
• loaded with 250lb test braided line
• Dolphin Electric assisted reel for day time fishing Weights, Lead, Sleds & jugs
• Strobe lights & clown lights for bait attraction - no lights no bites!
• 400lb test leaders with Daichii circle hooks
• Night time lures with lights for night time trolling
• Bait & Tackle Selection
• Drift
• Anchors
• Fishing & Safety Anchors
• Hooking Swordfish
• POON harpoon with 200' of line and ball
• Game Face fighting gear to fight a Swordfish to the end
• Safety Gloves
• Gear Maintenance
• Safety release knifes
• Boat Accessories .
40 min.

$24.95 F3988DVD


How To Catch Billfish

Dr. Jim takes you from Virginia Beach to Venezuela to catch billfish and to Costa Rica for sailfish. Learn how to rig natural baits and artificials that really raise billfish. 55 min.

$24.95 F3695DVD

Standup Short Rod Billfish Battles

Marsha Bierman is one of the world's most respected saltwater anglers, sportfish record holder and the innovator of one of the hottest new forms of big game fishing ª The Standup Short Rod Technique. In this video Marsha combines non-stop marlin, sail and tuna action with the best instruction you'll ever find. 60 min.

$19.95 F3648DVD

Beauty And The Billfish

The world's first fishing fantasy! Minda and Stacy join a charter boat to beat the world record of 1,200 sailfish caught and released in one year. The girls wholeheartedly throw caution, not to mention their clothes, to the wind. Contains fantastic billfish action and expert instruction as well as a stimulating blend of beautiful tanned bodies, the sun and the sea. Mature audiences only ª contains nudity. 45 min.

$29.95 F837DVD


STRIKEZONE Billfishing is loaded with the latest tips and techniques on finding fish, working the bait, knot tying and stiching bait that will have you ready to get on the water and improve your catch! With never before seen underwater action of black, blue and striped marlin, this program is loaded with spectacular action both above and below the surface. With amazing underwater footage, this program really helps to give you a whole new insight of how billfish behave. Filmed entirely on location at the picturesque Port Stephens on Australia's East Coast.
80 min.

$29.95 F8876DVD

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